Energy-efficient household appliances for the kitchen

03 of August '23

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a room that should pulsate with good energy. Literally! Tasty meals and pleasant moments spent at the kitchen table give us the strength to overcome daily challenges. But they also... cost a lot. Did you know that kitchen appliances are the main culprits of your high electricity bills? If your oven is more than 8-10 years old, you're probably overpaying dearly for home-cooked meals. Find out how energy-efficient home appliances affect your household budget!

Energy-efficient household appliances - what has changed in recent years?

Kitchen appliances are becoming more innovative every year, so 8-10 years in this industry is a whole era. Of course, no one replaces the refrigerator in pursuit of every technical innovation. We make such decisions once every few years. That's why, when you're facing a kitchen renovation, it makes sense to buy the best household appliances you can afford .

If the last time you looked around for a new dishwasher was a few years ago, you were surely looking for equipment with a number of pluses next to the letter A. Now you won't find such designations. As of 2021, a new energy class designation is in effect for selected household appliances, which introduced a scale from A to G. Only the most technically advanced appliances go into the A and B categories. This does not mean that kitchen appliances become inferior, on the contrary! The new scale gives more clarity and is expected to motivate manufacturers to introduce better and better solutions.

Starting in 2021, you'll find the new meanings on refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers, among others, and in 2023 they're also expected to appear on hoods, ovens and stoves. Keep your hand on the pulse!

Jak myślisz, które z urządzeń kuchennych zużywa najwięcej prądu? Według szacunków Polskiego Komitetu Energii Elektrycznej używanie piekarnika elektrycznego kosztuje nas ok. 850 zł rocznie.

Which kitchen appliance do you think consumes the most electricity? According to estimates by the Polish Electricity Committee, using an electric oven costs us about PLN 850 a year.

Photo Vincent M © Unsplash

Which household appliance uses the most electricity?

Cooking and baking at home certainly costs less than dining out. However, you should be aware that the cost of home meals includes the price of using an oven, stove, kettle and even a refrigerator and dishwasher. Which of these appliances do you think puts the most strain on your bills?

According to estimates by the Polish Electricity Committee, using an electric oven costs us about PLN 850 a year, while an induction hob generates a cost of approximetly PLN 600. These are figures from 2022, yet electricity prices are constantly rising!

Economical and ecological cooking without electricity

The good news is that electricity is not the only option for powering your stove and oven. Regardless of economic and political turmoil, natural gas will always be the cheapest energy source for your kitchen. The modern gas stove is an excellent example of an energy-efficient home appliance that can make a real difference in lowering your monthly bills.

Blight, blight - a gas stove in a modern kitchen? Is this solution likely to work? Read on and get ready for a surprise!

You probably associate a gas stove with an outdated appliance straight from a previous era. It's not surprising, the blue flame and the faint smell of gas are a vivid part of our memories from our family homes. We want to go further and cook in a modern way. However, it is worth remembering that our mothers and grandmothers paid penny bills for gas. They would probably be horrified to know how much it costs to cook potatoes these days.

Fortunately, today you can reach for a modern solution that takes advantage of the benefits of gas, minimizing all the discomfort of outdated stoves and ovens.

The latest line of gas hobs under glass INNOVA | Solgaz hobs.

Gas hob without flames - energy-efficient household appliances in your kitchen

Today's popular induction has allowed us to free ourselves from smoke, smoldering pots and a significant amount of grease pollution. It's hard to find someone who would go back to cooking on gas, giving up the convenience and cleanliness of a cooktop. However, there is a solution that combines all the advantages of gas and induction stoves.

Solgaz has been conquering the kitchen appliance industry for years, producing stoves with "gas-under-glass" technology. This type of stove is deceptively similar to a smooth and neat induction hob.

And where did the fire go? After all, gas must burn. A series of burners are placed under the glass plate, so that the gas is burned catalytically at 800°C. The heat is then converted into infrared radiation, which is transferred to the ceramic fields.

Why are flameless gas hobs among the most energy-efficient household appliances?

  • As the manufacturer assures, the gas-under-glaze hob uses up to 50% less gas than a traditional stove;

  • Power consumption is minimal and is limited to the moment the burners start up;

  • The stove cycles - once the burner is heated to the desired temperature, gas is not consumed;

  • The hob has precise temperature control, a timer, a booster and a stop-and-go function;

  • A useful attribute is the "extra free field" in the center of the hob, which heats up passively and can be used to reheat prepared food.

If you want to become even more independent of electricity, you can also opt for a modern gas oven. Remember that the devices on the market today are safe and comfortable to use. In addition, a gas oven is unbeatable when it comes to the price of purchase and subsequent operation.

Naprawdę energooszczędna kuchnia to miejsce przemyślane w każdym szczególe. Jest wiele nieoczywistych sposobów oszczędzania energii i obniżania rachunków.

A truly energy-efficient kitchen is a place that has been thought through in every detail. There are many non-obvious ways to save energy and lower bills.

Photo by Jason Briscoe © Unsplash

How else you can save energy in the kitchen - non-obvious examples

There's so much going on in the kitchen that it's hard to think about the amount of energy used at every turn. Cooking, baking and washing - this is where you quickly decide on energy-efficient household appliances, which translates into savings in your wallet.

However, a truly energy-efficient kitchen is a place that has been thought through in every detail. There are many not-so-obvious ways that lead to over-consumption of energy and several ways to prevent it.

Check out how else you can save!

  • Many modern kitchens are spaces open to the living room or dining room. In such spaces, an efficient cooker hood or advanced extractor is essential. This device will be on very often, be sure to choose an energy-efficient model!
  • Wasted energy also means overproduction of garbage, which you regularly pay for disposal. Want to get rid of whole bags of plastic bottles? Consider installing a filter faucet that will provide carbonated water straight from the tap for the whole family.

  • Let's go back to open kitchens. Such a space is difficult to light effectively. The solution is to install LED lighting strips in strategic places so that you don't have to turn on the light every time you go in for a glass of juice.

These simple patents will help you seal excessive energy leakage from the kitchen and enjoy using it without remorse. But that's not all. There are more innovative ways!

Jeśli podłączysz swój sprzęt AGD do systemu smart, będziesz mógł w pełni wykorzystać jego możliwości. Inteligentne rozwiązania w kuchni to nie tylko wygoda, ale również oszczędność energii.

If you connect your home appliances to a smart system, you will be able to get the most out of them. Smart solutions in the kitchen are not only convenient, but also save energy.

Photo by Jep Gambardella © Pexels

Energy-efficient home appliances in a smart kitchen management system

You may only associate smart home management with remote media control. However, you need to know that it is also a great way to save money by precisely controlling the energy you use. If your smart system includes energy-efficient home appliances, you will be able to take full advantage of their potential.

As an example, let's take the oven, which, as you already know, is the biggest power eater. If you connect it to a home management app, you'll be able to choose the optimal settings for a given dish, change them remotely, and, without getting up from the couch, turn the appliance off a few minutes before the scheduled end of baking (making the most of the accumulated heat). Smart kitchen solutions are a great option for anyone looking to save time and energy.

Effective energy saving requires not only modern household appliances, but also eco-friendly habits. Introduce them as soon as possible, so that good energy stays in your kitchen and money stays in your wallet!

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