Cooking of the future, or smart solutions in the kitchen

25 of May '23

A smart kitchen is a place that has been developed to optimize daily activities and thus give us more leisure time. What is it and how to create it? We give you a hint!

Easier everyday life

The kitchen is all about comfort. It's a place where a lot happens and we perform a wide variety of household chores there every day. That's why it should be planned down to the smallest detail. Daily cooking and cleaning can be made easier with a smart system. More and more appliances on the market use smart technology to help us save time and money. A smart kitchen transforms ordinary appliances into integrated, smart tools that make everyday tasks easier. This enables a more healthy and conscious lifestyle.

System smart ułatwia korzystanie z kuchni

The smart system makes it easier to use the kitchen

Photo: Drobotdean

At your fingertips

Smart solutions can apply to household appliances, kitchen cabinetry and systems, and everything in between. Thus, with the help of smart appliances, we can create a fully connected ecosystem. The whole thing is controlled with the help of special applications. The smart kitchen allows remote access and control of appliances. In addition, because home appliances are connected to the app, we can allow service technicians to remotely access information and diagnose problems, eliminating the need to wait for a service technician.

System smart umożliwia zdalne sterowanie

The smart system allows remote control

Photo: dc studio

The kitchen of your needs

What possibilities does a smart kitchen offer? Let's start with the appliances. The oven can be operated with voice commands. Using the app, we can choose the right settings for a dish with the oven assistant, remotely start and turn it off, and change the settings. The baking and roasting sensors, meanwhile, adjust the heat levels on the smart cooktop and oven, ensuring that dinner doesn't burn. The dishwasher, on the other hand, can choose the right settings on its own and speed up the cycle when needed. Doesn't suit our chosen program? No problem. In the app, we can indicate how satisfied we are with the program's duration, washing efficiency and drying results. Based on this feedback, the dishwasher adjusts the settings and creates a personalized program. The refrigerator, meanwhile, with optimal temperature control, provides ideal storage conditions that keep food fresh for much longer.

Głośnik Bluetooth pozwala na sterowanie muzyką z poziomu dowolnego urządzenia

A Bluetooth speaker allows you to control music from any device

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar © UNSPLASH

Appliances are not everything, however. Do we have large height differences in our family? Let's choose kitchen countertops equipped with systems that will raise them higher or lower them. In this way, you can adjust the height of the kitchen countertop to the height of the user in question, ensuring comfort when using the built-in. In addition, thanks to the ability to lower or extend the upper cabinets, we can more easily reach for things stored in it. Such electric systems are characterized by high durability and can successfully lift up to 150 kg of load.

Na tablecie możesz wyświetlać przepisy

You can display recipes on a tablet

Photo by Jeff Sheldon © UNSPLASH

Finally, we take a look at interesting accessories. A 360-degree portable speaker equipped with Bluetooth will allow you to control music from any mobile device without taking a break from cooking. Another great example is the use of a receiver in the kitchen counter, which can be pulled out at any time and turn on your favorite TV show or series on a tablet, while you can display a recipe.

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