Classics with a modern twist. Arrangement of the kitchen with dining room

14 of July '23
w skrócie
  1. The author of the project is Marta Pala-Szczerbak of Minimoo studio.
  2. The interior combines modern and classic style.
  3. The dining room has a large table for the whole family.
  4. The appliances in the kitchen are hidden in the black and white cabinetry.
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The owners of the house wanted interiors with a modern character in a timeless design. The concept of a neutral color palette, which can be freely enriched with color accents in the form of accessories, suited them. This was taken care of by the author of the project Marta Pala-Szczerbak from Minimoo studio.

Meeting place

In the dining room, in accordance with the wishes of the investors, stood a massive wooden table. The furniture is family-sized and a bit loft-like in character. It is surrounded by comfortable upholstered chairs and illuminated by three striking lamps.

W jadalni stoi masywny drewniany stół

In the dining room stands a massive wooden table

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Magdalena Chudkiewicz

Classic combination

In the background of the dining room is the heart of the house - the kitchen. Thanks to a huge window, despite its small size, it seems very spacious. When necessary (e.g. for watching a movie), the window panes are covered by an electric sliding blind, which hides in the ceiling niche. The wall, meanwhile, blends in with the furniture, which is kept in the same colors. In the central area, the island and the row of standing and hanging cabinets behind it are white. In contrast, the full-height monolithic built-in on the left is black. Behind discreet secret doors is a pantry. Lighting in the form of miniature spotlights plugged into a track sunk into the ceiling has also achieved a subtle character. Harmonize with them visible above the island hanging lamps in the form of black tubes. Their shape refers to the steel cylinder of the eaves.

Duże okna sprawiają, że kuchnia wydaje się przestronna Biała zabudowa łączy się tu z czarnymi szafkami

Large windows make the kitchen seem spacious

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Magdalena Chudkiewicz

Functional and discreet

In a similar way, the key pieces of equipment in this place are also invisible. Appliances only for the time of cooking slide out of a special drawer in the high cabinet. At the request of the investors, two undermount sinks appeared in the kitchen. The larger one, located in the built-in against the wall, has a kitchen mixer equipped with a practical water cascade. The other, handy, mounted in the island, is equipped with a folding faucet - hiding in the sink. The basin itself, in turn, can be covered with an overlay made of the same material as the countertop. This is lapitec, a sintered stone that not only stands out for its perfect whiteness, but is also completely resistant to stains and discoloration.

W kuchni znajdują się dwa zlewozmywaki Drugi zlewozmywak znajduje się na wyspie

There are two sinks in the kitchen

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Magdalena Chudkiewicz

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