Gorantec - new generation of anti-burglary windows

01 of November '21

Gorantec - new generation burglar proof windows

Gorantec has specialized for years in the production and distribution of only bur glar-proof windows from RC3 to RC6 class and large-size glazing.

Prospettico –
przeszklenia przesuwne bez ograniczeń © GORANTEC

Prospettico - sliding glazing without limits


Since its inception, the company has relied ona network of its own design offices and subcontractors, each with theirown specialty. Inspiration, design and innovation are born in our Italian branch, where the first models, preliminary tests and part of the production are made.

Quality control

Our products require careful control and support of the human factor, hence the decision to partially manufacture in Italy, where "handmade" is synonymous with the highest quality and a guarantee for the final customer.

 Bezprogowy Evoslide
– magnetyczny system przeszkleń przesuwnych © GORANTEC

Threshold-free Evoslide magnetic sliding glazing system


Among our outstanding products, one of the best sellers is BLINDOFINESTRA. This is the only so far line of burglar-proof PVC windows available on the Polish market, which have the RC3 certificate of the prestigious IFT Rosenheim institute.

Windows from RC4 to RC6 class, on the other hand, are manufactured from aluminum and steel.



An interesting feature may be the Blindofinestra line in the PANZER FENSTER version, in which we install BR5.NS class glass with a special polycarbonate partition as standard.

Panzer series windows and doors are recommended not only for housing,
but also for prestigious stores and government buildings.

The range of our anti-burglary products is completed by special blinds, grilles, partitions and shutters. All rigorously tested from class RC3 to RC5.

Okna antywłamaniowe
do budynków publicznych © GORANTEC

Burglar-proof windows for public buildings


EVOSLIDE is a globally unique system of glazing obscure glazing with virtually no limits. Thanks to the patented PROSPETTICO system, with a magnetic sliding system, the windows are produced in dimensions unattainable for standard systems. Combined with special polycarbonate glass, the sashes can have up to 20 square meters of surface area and Uw, Rw and anti-burglary coefficients according to Passiv House standards.

MMTW – wielkogabarytowe przeszklenia © GORANTEC

MMTW - large-scale glazing


The EVOSLIDE system is available in wood, wood-aluminum and aluminum.

For more information, visit the company's GORANTEC Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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