How to organize an apartment on two floors?

06 of June '23

Two-story interiors are very often quite a challenge for interior designers? It was no different in the case of an apartment in Warsaw's Żoliborz district, which was designed by Roland Stańczyk. What was changed in this interior?

dwie kondygnacje zostały połączone krętymi schodami

The two floors were connected by a winding staircase

Photo: Michał Przeździk-Buczkowski - Budzik Studio

The apartment of more than sixty square meters belongs to a client who valued loft style. The two floors were connected by a staircase, which took up a considerable amount of space. Therefore, in the project the interior designer moved the staircase, which made it possible to develop a second bathroom. How were the other parts of the apartment solved?

widok na strefę dzienną

view of the living area

Photo: Michał Przeździk-Buczkowski - Budzik Studio


The first floor is the space of the living zone built around three parts - dining room, kitchen and living room. The dominant colors in the space are black, shades of light wood and orange. Wooden panels were decided on the floor. The kitchen was separated by something close to the kitchen island solution, although much higher. The lower kitchen is dominated by matte, minimalist black, in the upper kitchen you will find wood.

jadalnia połączona z kuchnią

The dining room combined with the kitchen

Photo: Michal Przeździk-Buczkowski - Budzik Studio

The simple dining room with a wooden top on metal legs was similarly solved. The living room is mainly a small coffee table and an orange sofa. The black bookcases with books, sculptures and engravings are an interesting solution.



Photo: Michal Przeździk-Buczkowski - Budzik Studio

private area

Ascending the winding staircase we will enter the private zone. It's a combination of a bedroom, a study and a space with a bathtub called the bath area. The color scheme of the interior is identical to that of the living zone. Attention is drawn to the pink headrest behind the large bed, which evokes art-deco art with its pattern.

widok na strefę prywatną

view of the private zone

Photo: Michal Przeździk-Buczkowski - Budzik Studio

For this you will find a small, small desk, made of wood and metal painted matte black. Opposite the chair a painting was hung. There is also a bookcase with books next to it.



Photo: Michal Przeździk-Buczkowski - Budzik Studio

The bathing area is a free-standing white bathtub connected with the bathroom, located right next to it. There is also a dressing room in this part. The graphite color scheme is combined with wood.



Photo: Michal Przeździk-Buczkowski - Budzik Studio

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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