A set of intelligent joinery from Krispol

12 of October '21

A set of intelligent joinery from Krispol

Functionality, original solutions, simplicity, unconstrained space, natural light - the modern investor requires the architect to combine various solutions.

KRISPOL has designed a set of joinery that will meet the requirements of the most rigorous projects, additionally allowing the management of joinery and covers from the myKRISPOL application on a smartphone.

procentowego uchylenia bramy z poziomu aplikacji w telefonie to praktyczne rozwiązanie, które zapewnia między innymi wygodną wentylację
tego pomieszczenia Opis alternatywny © KRISPOL

The possibility of percentage tilting of the gate from the application on the phone is a practical solution,
which ensures, among other things, convenient ventilation of the room



Durable, weather-resistant, with excellent performance, and additionally creating incredible opportunities for the design of multi-dimensional glazed spaces, even in tailor-made construction.

Światło pod kontrolą - teraz to jeszcze prostsze © KRISPOL

Light under control - now it's even simpler


Innovative solutions make it possible to combine technologies and solutions, so that the use of blocks of light is no longer unattainable for customers, also in terms of price. Today, while maintaining color consistency, the KRISPOL brand allows you to freely combine PVC and aluminum solutions. In this way, costs can be minimized without having to compromise on design.


The integrity of colors, shapes, textures guarantees the harmony of the arrangement. The possibility of ordering the entire set of joinery (gates, windows, facade blinds, shutters, doors) in one veneer is a solution desired in modern projects. The use of bi-color, i.e. two different veneers on the outside and inside of the building, is an additional field for the arrangement of the facade and interior.

Komplet inteligentnej stolarki od Krispol © KRISPOL

A set of intelligent joinery from Krispol



Even at the stage of the architectural design, the investor can decide on solutions related to the smart home, which will certainly be appreciated by all household members during everyday use.

otwieranie i zamykanie żaluzji zgodnie z cyklem słońca to jeden ze scenariuszy, który można ustawić w aplikacji myKRISPOL ©

Automatic opening and closing of blinds according to the sun's cycle
is one of the scenarios that can be set in the myKRISPOL application


The myKRISPOL application makes it possible to control joinery and exterior shades from a smartphone app, practically from anywhere in the world.


When the architect's vision meets a product with the highest parameters, a synergy is created, which is appreciated by every investor who, on the one hand, requires aesthetic qualities from the building, but on the other hand, builds for years, so he expects quality. 7-year warranty for PVC windows, 5 years for other HOME line products.

Find your nearest KRISHOME showroom at www.krispol.pl

For more information, visit the company's KRISHOME Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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