Timeless grays and original flooring. The interior of an apartment in Bielsko-Biala.

26 of September '22

Wojtek and Martyna previously lived at an angle with their parents or rented a studio apartment together. Looking for a place for themselves, they decided to live in their shared hometown. Their budget allowed them to buy an apartment in developer condition. However, they needed help with the finishing touches.


Living room

Photo: Maciej Kulig

Challenging interior

In addition to the budget, time was a constraint - the design of the building changes had to be developed efficiently. In addition, unusually, the apartment has two entrances and a small area. This for architect Magda Daszkiewicz of PRZESTRZENIE studio was only a challenge, not a problem. Sticking to her principles of functionality and veracity of materials, she created an interior design in an urban style, where the sense of space was preserved.

Wnętrze urządzone jest w stylu industrialnym Designerska lampa

The interior is decorated in an industrial style

Photo: Maciej Kulig

The original base - concrete

The investors approached the architect with a request to design an apartment in a new construction, but time was of the essence, as the developer had already started putting up partition walls. Moreover, after buying the apartment, the Investors did not have a large budget for finishing the apartment and at the same time could not wait to move in. They had to accept the fact that they would not have a wooden floor, but on the other hand they could not imagine other wood-like solutions.

- I suggested that they leave the poured concrete as the final floor - remembering to properly protect it with resin. Faced with the fact that the area of the apartment is not large, I convinced my clients to use such a solution in other rooms as well. Thanks to this, we visually enlarged them. It works great in the bathroom, kitchen, or in a room," says architect Magda Daszkiewicz.

Część jadalniana

Dining area

Photo: Maciej Kulig

A coherent whole

Some of the walls were also left in their raw state. This makes the interior coherent. There was no room for a table in this apartment , and this was one of the owners' dreams. A part of the long corridor was made into a dining area. The space is 42 sq m, but one has the feeling that it is much larger. The character of the interior is added by a standing lamp distinguished by its interesting form. It resembles a drawing lamp. In the apartment you will also find other industrial elements - starting with the arranged and not at all hidden cables, and ending with a typically loft-like table. The chairs that have been selected are mostly the same, but one is from outside the set, thus being a break of a certain pattern. Very consistent with the living area is the bedroom, where additionally there was a large closet, and the bathroom - kept in light colors. Additional elements that complement the arrangement of this interior are posters and wall decorations chosen by the Investor.



Photo: Maciej Kulig

Strong accents

It would seem that betting on gray, and still in such quantity, would make the interior monotonous. The architect made sure that the perception of this interior is completely different. Here we can find various shades of gray. This color is also broken with white and black and a strong color accent is a cognac-colored sofa.

- We managed to hunt down the cognac-colored couch at a sale, and we designed the kitchen from IKEA furniture. We were able to use the money we saved in this way for the rest of the furnishings," says Magda Daszkiewicz of PRZESTRZENIE studio.

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Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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