14 gadgets from IKEA that make life easier

31 of January '22

Do you like to keep up with the times, or maybe you need to better organize your hallway kitchen or living room? If you are looking for interesting suggestions for improving your interior, be sure to see these suggestions for functional gadgets.

YUPPIENALLE Uchwyt do telefonu

YUPPIENALLEphone holder


1 Phone holder

With this small device, which can also serve as an interesting key ring, we can freely put our phone or tablet in a convenient position. It will be great for traveling or when we want to present some video to a couple of friends.

MÖJLIGHET Stojak na słuchawki i tablet

MÖJLIGHETheadphone and tablet stand


2. headphone and tablet stand

Another gadget that will make it easier for us to organize our workspace on the desk. Thanks to this minimalist stand, we have everything we need for work at hand, and the headphones will always have their place already.

KLIPSK Stolik-tacka

KLIPSK Table-tray


3 Table-tray

Do you dream of having breakfast in bed? Or maybe working or studying remotely allows you to sit under a blanket all day? Such a table will be just perfect. Its design with folding legs allows for easy storage, and a special rail allows you to place, for example, a tablet or an e-reader in it.

BJÖRKÅSEN Stolik pod laptopa BJÖRKÅSEN Stolik pod laptopa

BJÖRKÅSEN Laptop Table


4. multifunctional stand

This table or stand can be used in many ways. With its adjustable and tiltable top, it can not only be a laptop stand, but even a music stand.

STARKVIND Stół z oczyszczaczem powietrza

STARKVIND Table with air purifier


5. table with air purifier

If all the popular air purifiers in your opinion take up too much space, this multifunctional table is the perfect combination. It has an air quality sensor, several modes and on top of that, we often place such a piece of furniture in the center of the room for the best performance.

SKARSTA / TROTTEN Biurko z regulacją wysokości SKARSTA / TROTTEN Biurko z regulacją wysokości

SKARSTA / TROTTEN Height-adjustable desk


6. height adjustable desk

We may think it's no novelty, but with the ease of height adjustment provided by a crank hidden under the top, changing the height of the desk becomes child's play.




7 A set of boxes

We have written before about storing items in our homes. This is just one of the suggestions for organizing cabinets. Felt boxes help to keep things organized, and they still look insane! You can buy them in different sizes and quantities.

MURVEL Pojemnik na buty

MURVEL Shoe Container


8. shoe container

Thanks to this gadget we will organize our shoe cabinets. The interesting design not only keeps things tidy, but will also reduce space consumption.

TRONES Szafka na buty

TRONES Shoe cabinet


9. shoe cabinet

Another shoe storage idea is this minimalist cabinet. Not only is it extremely functional, but it can also add interesting variety to an interior.

GRUBBAN Taboret ze schodkiem

GRUBBAN Stool with step stool


10. stool with step

Many times we have to reach for things placed very high. Sometimes it's a kitchen cabinet, other times it's a clothes closet. Regardless of what room this sensitive spot is in, a handy stool with a step will certainly make it easier for us to get, to high shelves.

PERJOHAN Ławka z pojemnikiem

PERJOHAN Bench with storage box


11. bench with container

In the hallway, or maybe in the living room? This multifunctional pine bench will fit perfectly into any interior thanks to its simplicity. In addition, we can make it a storage comp artment for miscellaneous things.

GUNNLAUG Zasłona dźwiękochłonna

GUNNLAUG Soundproof curtain


12 Soundproof curtain

If you are disturbed by constant noise at work or can't fall asleep, coming back from a night shift - this could be the perfect gadget. The presented curtain is stylish, filters light and mutes the sounds caused by daily activities.

TRÅDFRI Zestaw zdalnego sterowania, kolorowe i białe spektrum

TRÅDFRI Remote control set, color and white spectrum


13. light remote control kit

With the included remote control, you can turn on the light from a distance and even control its intensity and different colors. Changing the colors of the light also sets the mood for the entire interior - a simple way to change the arrangement.

SYMFONISK Obraz z głośnikiem WiFi

SYMFONISK Image with WiFi speaker


14. picture with WiFi speaker

This is definitely one of the more expensive and interesting gadgets in our list. The extremely thin frame betrays nothing about the presence of speakers created in cooperation with Sonos, a company specializing in audio equipment. We can control the entire device using an application installed on a smartphone.

Development: Dominika Tyrlik

Photos and information courtesy of © IKEA

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