6 tips for storing items

18 of January '22

Anapartment doesn't have to be big at all, good organization is the key to success! These storage ideas will help organize every room in your home.

1 Think vertical.

If we want to save space, and at the same time the height of the room is quite large - it's better to bet on tall cabinets, even when getting to the upper segments, will be difficult. We can always store seasonal clothes or rarely used items there. Try not to leave several tens of centimeters of free space above the cabinet. Such space only makes it harder to keep clean and accumulates a large layer of dust.

Pojemniki gniazdowe są
świetnym rozwiązaniem

Nesting containers are a great solution

© Pixabay.com

2 Look for nested containers

This special type of container makes them easy to store. When not in use, you can easily place one container inside another, increasing the surface area only slightly. When the containers have lids, it's often easier to stack them on top of each other to create an even stack. This is a very practical solution!

prostopadłościenne pojemniki zaoszczędzimy sporo miejsca

Choosing rectangular containers will save a lot of space

© Lia Trevarthen

3 Choose angular containers

If you want to save space, choose rectangular or cubic containers. These will work better than rounded shapes, which take up a lot more space.

4 - Hidden, instead of visible

It's much easier to keep things tidy when you place stylish baskets or containers in interesting colors instead of open shelves. You can store a lot of smaller items there. Such a solution will reduce dust - especially in such rooms as the laundry room, and group all our trinkets nicely.

5 - Sign!

This is a great solution! Even if every housewife knows what is in a particular container - especially in the kitchen - the household members no longer necessarily. Besides, such equal signatures look extremely aesthetically pleasing, and the whole shelf on better organized.

Przeźroczyste słoiczki
świetnie sprawdzą się np. w kuchni

Transparent jars are great for example in the kitchen

© Universaleye

6. easier in transparent

If we have a lot of storage containers in a room and we are primarily interested in knowing immediately what is inside, let's use transparent plastics. Thanks to them, we will be able to get to the thing we are looking for right away. However, such a box will also show clutter - let's keep this in mind.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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