A unique bathroom for a senior couple

28 of October '22

When Matthew Czeczko 's studio was approached by a couple of seniors, the architect did not expect that he had a real challenge ahead of him. He was to design an interior full of color, space and architectural tricks.

A fresh start

The investors are a couple of 70-year-olds who decided to change their current place of residence. So they bought an apartment in a new apartment building in the center of Bialystok. Starting a new stage in their lives, they needed the help of architects in transforming a small apartment in developer condition into a comfortable nest.

Łazienka projektu Mateusza Czeczko

Bathroom designed by Mateusz Czeczko

© Czeczko Design

Comfortable and safe

The bathroom was redesigned. It was decided to separate a walk-in shower space. This is a comfortable and space-saving solution. However, the most important aspect is that this type of cabin is ideal for older people, as the lack of a shower tray makes it significantly easier to use. Despite the small size of the bathroom, a sizable cabinet with storage space also fit here. This specially designed deep enclosure hides the washer-dryer. On the other hand, a countertop washbasin was placed on the cabinet.

Zabudowa łazienkowa Pralko-suszarka w zabudowie

Cabinet with washer-dryer

© Czeczko Design

View of the aquarium

A lot of glazing and mirrors are designed to diffuse light and blur specific boundaries in the space, enlarging it. Similarly, white and gray tiles also reflect light beautifully. They also provide a versatile base for a strong accent - colorful wallpaper.

- From the beginning we planned an element here to enliven the subdued style. We tried different patterns and color versions, but it was the fish that immediately won the hearts of investors. This play with accessories and breaking the stereotype that a dark wall is not suitable for a small room did not frighten them at all, on the contrary," says Mateusz Czeczko.

Tapeta w ryby Punktem charakterystycznym łazienki jest wzorzysta tapeta

The bathroom's signature point is the patterned wallpaper

© Czeczko Design

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