Interior of a Gdansk apartment with a unique history

16 of September '22

The design by Glaza Interiors looks like an old pre-war postcard kept in sepia colors.

A return to the past

The apartment is located in a picturesque area, in the heart of Old Oliva. Next door is the cathedral setting the rhythm of the day with the sound of bells and a beautiful park, fragrant with old trees. On the other hand, the window overlooks a pond. Such a location dictates the character of the interior.

-In longing for a creaky floor, a good book with a purring cat in the lap, the smell of old wood, warm bread, we found inspiration for the interior design. We wanted to move to the old bourgeoisie and create, at least a substitute for the old Oliwa mansions," says architect Agnieszka Glaza-Joachimowska.

The arrangement was to combine elegance with a kind of familiarity. The premises are intended for short-term rentals, so the architect was keen to familiarize the viewer with the atmosphere of the former Old Oliwa. Also for this reason, the interior has an apartment-like character. More durable materials were also used, which will withstand intensive use. Carved stucco was used in a balanced and subtle way. The simplicity, balance and symmetry characteristic of classical interiors had a significant influence on this arrangement.

W całym wnętrzu pojawiają się elementy vintage

Vintage elements appear throughout the interior

Photo by Andrei Kondrykau


Theglazed tiles are reminiscent of an old tiled stove. They were contrasted with raw stone sintering. This material was placed axially, at the heart of the kitchen. The whole is complemented by furniture in the warm color of natural walnut wood appearing throughout the apartment. The real icing on the cake, however, are the copper accessories matching the color of the entire arrangement. Attention is also drawn to vintage accessories and the magnificent white-gold chandelier located above the table.



Photo by Andrei Kondrykau

Living room

In the center of the living room you will find an impressive sofa. Right next to it stand two small coffee tables with a round top. One is marble, the other is gold. Above them there are also two different lamps. Both, however, are made in the same style and are in white and gold colors. Opposite is an intriguing cabinet with a painting by Ewa Skaper. The capacious cabinet was hidden behind a mirrored door with a black frame. In this way an impression of depth was obtained and the room was optically enlarged. The wall next to it is decorated with a striking wall mural with a botanical motif. A powder-pink carpet, darker, but kept in similar tones curtains and original pillows warm up the interior. The whole is complemented by plants in original vases.

Stoliki kawowe Stolik z obrazem

Characteristic elements of the living room

Photo by Andrei Kondrykau


The bedroom is located in the attic. The large comfortable bed is finished with velour in a muted pink color. It is decorated with embroidered pillows. The wall behind the bed was painted in a pleasant shade of milk chocolate. On either side of the bed you will find intriguing bedside tables. On them were placed lamps that refer in their form to that of oil. The large-format wallpaper used in the bedroom looks like a fragment of a composition from a Baroque still life.



Photo by Andrei Kondrykau

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Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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