Artistic bohemian style apartment

25 of April '22

Theapartment, located in a Warsaw tenement, is a note of delicate elegance combined with individual needs. How was the space intended for the director of the young generation organized? The project was developed by the studio of Dora Kuć and Karina Snuszka - Mood works.



Photo by Tom Kurek, © Mood Works

The property is located in an exclusive residential building from the interwar period. It was decided not to interfere with the functional layout, which suited the client. The apartment was intended to create a kind of oasis for bohemian artists.

meeting space - living room

Right next to a small hall illuminated by a unique lamp composed of three open circles is the heart of this house - an open, transparent living room. The floor in this interior is a unique geometric mosaic of various shades of veneer. The carpet located next to the sofa duplicates part of the pattern used on the rug, which shows the role of integrity of all elements. On the walls, a soft shade of gray was chosen to imitate concrete. The pillars were built up with marble cladding with a unique veining pattern.

sercem domu jest salon

The heart of the house is the living room

Photo by Tom Kurek, © Mood Works

Thefurniture, especially the chairs, create a unique and diverse mosaic of styles and colors. Each chair is different. Many classics of Scandinavian design can be found here. Inherent in the interior are plants and works of art in the form of graphics, paintings and sculptures. The color scheme of the interior is based primarily on soft pastels, beiges and grays. There is also no shortage of strong navy blues. The most important thing was to combine the contemporary style with the historical character of the place.

marmurowe żyłki wyróżniają się na tle wnętrza

Marble veining stands out in the interior

photo by Tom Kurek, © Mood Works

unique veining drawing - toilet

In the toilet, it is worth noting the interesting solution of the bathtub development, composed of small sand-colored marble slabs. The shower was solved in a similar way. Another element that draws attention is the delicate blue-gray color of the walls. The furnishing of this interior with all accessories refers to the art.-deco style. This is best seen in the solution of the ceiling along with a unique lamp.

delikatna okładzina tworzy niesamowity klimat, dopełniony akcesoriami stylizowanymi na nowoczesną wersję art.-deco

The delicate cladding creates an amazing atmosphere, complemented by accessories styled in a modern version of art.-deco

photo by Tom Kurek, © Mood Works

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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