Is it possible to combine green and gold in the interior?

08 of August '22

Gold and green is not a color combination that we recall when discussing interior design. In this case it is quite different - an unusual combination allowed KODO interior architects to create an unusual arrangement.

"Emerald and gold" is a Wroclaw implementation of the KODO studio. The apartment was composed of a living room combined with a separate dining area and kitchen, a large bedroom, a dressing room, a bathroom and a corridor.


On the floor of the bathroom you will find gray concrete slabs. The walls are clad halfway with white tiles resembling the shape of high-gloss bricks. The rest of the wall is kept in a bottle green color, standard in this apartment. The fixtures are kept in a gold color scheme. On one of the walls you will also find a bathroom-adapted graphic with motifs of exotic leaves.

Szmaragd i złoto - łazienka Szmaragd i złoto - łazienka

Emerald and gold - bathroom



In the bedroom, a wooden parquet floor was decided upon. The walls were divided by color. The bed is a simple piece of furniture with a gray headrest. Above the bed was decided on a black and white painting in a gold frame. Lamps, in gold color, were attached to the wall in bottle green. In addition to the bed, a small desk and a bookshelf can be found here.

Szmaragd i zieleń - sypialnia

Emerald and green - bedroom

© Kodo


The kitchen area similarly features a contrast of white and bottle green. The kitchen island is kept in white tones just like the countertops in the kitchen. The fronts of the kitchen cabinets and the shelves above the island are bottle green. The fixtures and accessories are primarily gold.

Szmaragd i złoto - kuchnia

Emerald and gold - kitchen


Living room

In the living room, next to the classic lightly whitewashed parquet floor a bottle-green sofa and a sprawling Monstera, we find a unique gold lamp with lots of bulbs. On the walls you'll find photographs and prints that match the interior colors. Large windows reaching the high ceiling can be covered by thick curtains.

Szmaragd i złoto - salon

Emerald and gold - living room


developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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