Eclectic apartment in a historic building

22 of May '23

The apartment is located in a meticulously restored historic building on St. Sebastian Street in Cracow. Loft Affair is responsible for its design and implementation.

Granatowa ściana kontrastuje z wielkoformatową grafiką

The navy blue wall contrasts with large-format graphics

Photo: Bartosz Ciotek Arrangement:Mikołaj Dziewoński © Dekorian Home

A place with history

The building in which the apartment is located was built in the 19th century. It is distinguished by, among other things, a richly decorated facade. The apartment is located on the first floor, overlooking a green patio.

- An investor, with whom we have been working for a long time, approached us with an exceptional apartment in a renovated tenement. The area of more than 50 square meters and a very good layout of the apartment allowed us to design a comfortable and attractive space for 4 guests. They will find a bedroom with a closet and a living room with a comfortable sofa bed. The living space also includes a kitchenette, integrated into the recess of the living room so that it remains almost invisible from the entrance - notes Monika Łastowiecka architect from Loft Affair.

Mieszkanie znajduje się w historycznej kamienicy

The apartment is located in a historic building

Photo: Bartosz Ciotek Arrangement:Mikołaj Dziewoński © Dekorian Home

Professional advice

- This project started with completely different aesthetic assumptions. However, over time, a completely different concept was born, finally realized - smiles the architect.

The first inspirations discussed with the investor oscillated around clear classicizing themes with a distinct color base in the form of dark green. So why the change?

- In the course of design work, we assessed that this particular space would not present itself favorably in a dark color palette and that the classic way of composing interiors would not fit in well with the functional layout of the apartment - Monika Łastowiecka explains.

Część jadalniana

Dining area

Photo: Bartosz Ciotek Arrangement:Mikołaj Dziewoński © Dekorian Home

Bold color combinations

Ultimately, the apartment has a rather eclectic character. Here, classics are combined with modernity, so as to emphasize the noble architectural context on the one hand and on the other - to captivate with freshness. The whole arrangment is elegant and delicate. Here we can find many shades of white, among others on the large-format wall graphic with a three-dimensional leaf pattern. It contrasts with a strong accent of navy blue in the form of a fluted and shimmering metallic sheen wallpaper located on the opposite side. The interiors also feature a distinct maroon accent in the form of a velour sofa. The dining area is arranged right next to it. It consists of a round table with an interesting form and a glossy glass top. Around it gray quilted chairs have been arranged. The whole is complemented by gold details.

Różne odcienie bieli łączą się tu z granatem, bordowym i elementami złota

Different shades of white are combined here with navy blue, burgundy and elements of gold

Photo: Bartosz Ciotek Arrangement:Mikołaj Dziewoński © Dekorian Home

Tailor-made kitchen

The kitchen annex is located in the recess of the living room. It was created on the basis of an individual project.

- The customized cabinetry was made by a carpenter. Thanks to this, the whole perfectly uses the space available here to respond to all the needs of the users - emphasizes Monika Łastowiecka.

The minimalist forms of the cabinets were enriched with the use of warm cashmere gray and American walnut pattern. The whole is complemented by a countertop made of Italian sinter and gold handles.

Kuchnia znjaduje się we wnęce

The kitchen is located in an alcove

Photo: Bartosz Ciotek Arrangement:Mikołaj Dziewoński © Dekorian Home

Cozy details

The warm atmosphere of the interior is largely due to the golden herringbone flooring. Although it is deceptively reminiscent of wood in fact it was created from vinyl panels.

- It is a beautiful and very practical product. It has a high abrasion class, so you can freely use it also in the hallway. In addition, it is resistant to moisture and does not let water through - Monika Łastowiecka stresses.

The atmosphere is also created by light. During the day - natural, which comes in through beautiful, large windows reproduced faithfully according to the historical pattern. After dark, when the Roman blinds and velvet curtains fall down, lamps play a prominent role. Light led chandeliers have become the ornament of the interiors. Clear but soft illumination of the space is also due to LED cornice strips.

Wnętrze ozdabiają lekkie żyrandole

The interior is decorated with light chandeliers

Photo: Bartosz Ciotek Arrangement:Mikołaj Dziewoński © Dekorian Home

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