Kitchen with living room in modern retro style

06 of June '22

An unusual interior design project is presented by the Poco Design studio. The collected items have interesting designs, and some even have a cult following, dating back to the communist era. Proposed in a modern space, they give the effect of original decor and set an optimistic mood.

Artistic tastes

The owners of this unusual apartment are people with artistic souls. They are filmmakers, open to unique styling, unorthodox color combinations, original textures and forms. The approach of the investors certainly gave courage also to the architects, creating this unique space.

The project (currently in progress) involves an architectural remodeling of the existing interior. The entire apartment is two-story and has 114sqm of usable space, but we will focus today mainly on presenting the space of the kitchen connected to the living room.

Meble i przedmioty w salonie posiadają kultowe formy

Furniture and objects in the living room have iconic forms already

© 3d render: Mateusz Jakubczyk

Kitchen - a composition of complementary colors

In the interior, the most intriguing thing is the combination of colors in the kitchen cabinets. The upper cabinets in a shade of pale pink, are juxtaposed with the bottle green of the lower fronts. The colors complement each other and emphasize the space of this room. The soft, bright pink balances the weight of the matte green. The cabinet doors have round corners, which alludes to the curves found throughout the arrangement. Even the hockers attached to the kitchen peninsula have a non-accidental design.

Blat kuchenny z wykorzystaniem lastryka

Kitchen countertop using terrazzo

© 3d render: Mateusz Jakubczyk

Enlivening the kitchen becomes proposed on the worktop, parts of the walls and the floor, terrazzo - a very fashionable now and eagerly used pattern, referring to the 1970s.

Widok na salon

View of the living room

© 3d render: Mateusz Jakubczyk

Living room - sentimental space

The living room is also enriched with vintage-style items. Interestingly, some of the furniture and lighting elements proposed in the visualizations were already in the possession of the clients. The architects' task was to incorporate them into the new arrangement. So it was decided to restore some of them, for example by reupholstering the armchairs. The objects, inevitably, for the interior designers also became an inspiration.

In the interior there are a lot of elements made of wood, which make the space even more cozy. Attention is drawn primarily to the furniture in the style of Mid-Century Modern, the ceiling beams and floor, as well as the shelf in the alcove with an original rounded form from above.

We wnętrzu zgromadzonych jest wiele designerskich przedmiotów

A lot of designer forms are gathered in the interior

© 3d render: Mateusz Jakubczyk

The sentimentality of the owners is captivating, as evidenced also by the original form of the coffee table, located in the living room. Its history is extremely interesting, as it was built on cans with the negative of the investor's first film, recorded on tapes.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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