Peaceful apartment with copper character

06 of June '22

The investors wanted to create a calm and pleasant space. The colors were to be soft and natural, and the apartment itself a peaceful place of rest. The copper sheen was important. The project was created by the studio Metro by Metro.



photo by Kąty Proste, © Metr po Metrze

The apartment was located in the center of Mokotow. It is not a permanent residence, but an occasional apartment - which the owners use during their stay in Warsaw. This does not mean that it has not been adapted for longer stays.

The most important thing was to propose a natural color scheme, consisting of a clash of warm and cool tones, noble materials, simple lines and everything to create a comfortable space. At the same time, these interiors are simple, not creating a space, imposing.


living room

photo by Simple Angles, © Metro by Metro

heart of the house

The living room is the heart of this space. It was directly connected to the kitchen, which was separated by a white kitchen island with two seats. On the floor, classic walnut-colored panels were chosen.

Life in the apartment is concentrated at the gray corner sofa. The coffee table is a simple design on black legs with a white top. Above all, a light metallic color scheme reigns here. On the wall the painting "Balance 2" by Agnieszka Kirzanowska-Osinska was decided.


living room

Photo: Simple Angles, © Metro by Metro

The kitchen is a simple space, where some of the fronts were finished with wood veneer, and some in pure white. White goods were adapted to this space, relying on whites.



photo by Simple Angles, © Metro by Metro

A calm space of gray

In the bedroom, a greater dose of gray was decided. What catches the eye here is primarily the unique headrest. It is a pattern arranged in the famous French herringbone. The bedroom space is muted and calm.



photo by Simple Angles, © Metro by Metro

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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