Is wood in the kitchen a good material?

08 of December '21

What material you use to finish your kitchen determines its appearance and resistance to daily use. Wood as an interior finishing element has been captivating for a long time with its beautiful appearance and durability, becoming an object of design desire. Will this natural material also work well in the kitchen? Interior designer Sylwia Gulewicz-Wysocka answers this question.

Już na etapie produkcji jakośćwykończenia stanowi o trwałości mebli

Already at the production stage, the quality of the finish determines the durability of the furniture.

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Quality at the production stage

Before you choose wooden cabinets, know that they can easily warp when the humidity changes. Therefore, it is important that the wood is properly finished before it leaves the factory.

Wood, properly impregnated and prepared, is a timeless material that will work wonderfully in the kitchen. It is increasingly common in our kitchens in the form of carcasses, fronts and countertops, as well as floors or wall elements. Remember, however, that in order to use wood in such a demanding room as the kitchen, we must decide not only on the choice of the right species, but also previously prepare it very well, and after time maintain it. In this way, wooden furniture will serve us for years.

Odpowiednio impregnowane
drewno może być niezwykle trwałe

Properly treated wood can be extremely durable

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Nature guarantees durability

High-qualitywooden kitchen fronts are certainly furnishings that will serve us for years. Unlike furniture made of compressed wood fibers (MDF) or furniture board, they are suitable for renovation and are more durable in terms of mechanical damage. With the help of proper impregnation - oiling, waxing, varnishing or complete repainting, it will also be resistant to all kinds of dirt and moisture.

What to look for

When deciding on a wooden accent in the interior, consider these factors that will help you choose the best material:

  • Color - The natural color of wood does not always match our preferences. For example, a stain can replicate the color of maple on a birch base. Painting wooden cabinets is always an option that further impregnates them. Such treatment can also be a relief for our wallet.
  • Construction - Drawers of wooden cabinets can be constructed with dowels or screws, as well as dovetail drawers. Dovetail drawers generally last longer, but more wood is needed to make them, so they are more expensive.
  • Durability - The high price may be a deterrent, but we need to know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime investment that, with proper care, we will enjoy for many generations.
  • Maintenance - When buying wooden furniture, we must also expect that in order for it to serve us for a long period of time, we must take proper care of it. We will need to prepare to buy the right means to help us maintain them, and set aside time to waterproof the equipment.

Cheaper alternative

Wood cabinets are a classic element of any kitchen. They fit in with almost any decorating style, which makes them a popular choice. Although these most expensive cabinets are made of solid wood, the material is often used as a veneer over a substrate, such as plywood, to cut costs. Alternatives, such as laminate and thermofoil, are another frontage material option that provides the look of real wood at an even lower cost.

Development: Dominika Tyrlik

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