A house inspired by a unique Ferrari model

Katarzyna Szostak
07 of December '22

The area of the MONZA CASA house is 370 m². Marcin Tomaszewski of REFORM ARCHITECT was inspired by the phenomenal Ferrari model - Monza. It was under its design and distinctive lines that the design of this house was created.

Wnętrze domu MONZA CASA

Interior of the MONZA CASA house


Monza in details and details

A unique color scheme, a dynamic body, an edge lighting line or a narrow side air intake - these are just some of the elements that are a kind of tribute to Ferrari Monza. It is no coincidence that Tomaszewski - privately a Ferrari fan - is carrying out this project. The Monza model is a modern incarnation of the brand's racing models from the 1960s. An interesting fact is that Ferrari produced only 499 copies of this model. One of them is located in Poland.

How to design the body and its interior to refer to the line of the car, but in an unconventional and unpredictable way?

- The styling of this design follows the trends at Ferrari shows. There are diagonal lines and the brand's badge, all highlighted by stylish quilting on the wall. All these elements result in a dynamic body, which in a subtle and unobtrusive way refers to this elegant and sophisticated car," says Marcin Tomaszewski.

Widok od strony ogrodu

View from the garden


Lump like a car

However, let's start with the lump of MONZA CASA itself. Translating the design of a car into a one-to-one lump would be too simple and obvious. This project was not about everyone knowing perfectly what and where it came from. On the other hand, fans of this Ferrari model will quietly pick up the nuances. An example? The colors on the facade of the house (two stripes) refer to the stripes on the hood of the car. In contrast, on the wound of the building you will find an element reflecting the rear lights of the car.

- There is a very distinctive moment at the entrance to the building. The narrow window and horizontal element refers to the air intake at the door. In the block we see it in a rectilinear form, while in the car we see it in a "spun" form. It was smuggled into the architectural form in a very simple way. On the side of the car, you can see that the air intake is crossed by a vertical line, and if you look closely at the element at the front door - you will see a horizontal one, the architect adds.




Interpretation and transformation into architectural language

Marcin Tomaszewski did not want the inspiration to be even obtrusively shown. It was to be present throughout the project - especially in the massing, but in a subtle way. This approach really appealed to the developer.

- What is an inspiration with this project was transformed into architectural language. The biggest mistake I could have made with this project was to take the Ferrari Monza too literally and simply copy certain elements, transferring them into form. That would have been the case if I had made an oblate form on the front, and that would have been too obvious," says Tomaszewski.

The building in its form, color, certain elements refers to the car model, but everything here is based on subtle movements or selected elements that the architect transferred to the design.

Na podwyższeniu znajduje się Ferrari Monza

On the rise is a Ferrari Monza


The main character

Only when we go inside the house - on the elevation we see the Ferrari Monza. This makes the car visible from everywhere. From the living room, dining room, kitchen, or from the side of the garden - like an exhibit. Originally, the developer wanted the car to stand in the garage, which would have been glazed overlooking the living room. A purely mundane issue blocked this idea. After all, the car is used very rarely, while next to it would have been cars that are driven every day, and this would have disturbed the aesthetics.

Głównym bohaterem wnętrza jest samochód

The main character of the interior is the car


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