How to choose a lounge furniture to suit your interior?

26 of June '23

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Are you decorating a new house or apartment? Or maybe you are refreshing your interior? If so, you know very well how important it is to take care of every detail to create a space that is not only practical, but also cozy and aesthetically pleasing. One of the challenges you face during the final stage of renovation is the choice of furniture - including a corner or sofa. It is important that this piece of equipment corresponds to the style of the room in question, and at the same time is comfortable and meets the needs of all household members. How then to choose a model to suit your interior? Learn the proven ways, which are supported by years of experience in the creation of lounge furniture!

What should be the characteristics of a modern corner or sofa?

Any interior can be decorated in a certain style. You can choose a retro convention, fall in love with a rustic vibe or bet on Scandinavian minimalism. Regardless of what appeals to your soul, the choice of a corner sofa or couch will always be based on one assumption - it has to be a modern model regardless of the style in which it was made. After all, it is rare to put into a new or refreshed room worn-out furniture, which times of its glory are long behind. There are plenty of proposals available on the market. You can choose from patterns, shapes and colors. However, it is worth bearing in mind the features that a contemporary piece of lounge furniture must certainly have.

Dream — set 8

Dream corner sofa - set 8

© Next Collection

What should a modern sofa or corner sofa have? Here are the most important features:

  1. Minimalism - although it is not characteristic of every interior style, it definitely prevails in sofa and corner designs. The main thing is that the furniture should be distinguished by simple, clean lines, a smooth, uniform surface without mixing different kinds of colors, and possibly delicate details that do not overwhelm the whole. So, if you are looking for a corner sofa that is sure to serve you for years to come, and at the same time will not go out of fashion - bet on a classic shape with limited ornamentation.
  2. Comfort - the main function of a lounge furniture is, of course, to be able to rest on it - to sit and lie down in various positions. The basis in its design is comfortable seats. The corner sofa should provide optimal support for the back in a sitting or semi-reclining position. Therefore, it is worth choosing a model with a lumbar-profiled backrest or with not too soft cushions filled with foam that holds its shape well. If the piece of furniture is also to serve as a bed, you should take a closer look at the issue of the mattress placed in it - whether it is soft or hard enough to guarantee adequate support for the entire body depending on the weight of the person who intends to sleep on it.
  3. Functionality - an important issue when choosing a sofa is what functions, in addition to rest, it can offer its users. Often it turns out that this type of furniture offers possibilities that increase its everyday usability. Modern corner sofas can have built-in storage for bedding and other storage spaces, such as armrests with beverage storage or USB ports for charging electronic devices, adjustable headrests, movable footrests, or mechanisms that make it easier to unfold the furniture. It's important to look carefully at what other benefit a particular lounge model offers and which one we most want or need before choosing.
  4. Modular design - this feature is not mandatory for every type of corner sofa, but it is definitely worth considering if you have a large or flexible space. Thanks to it, you are able to create a corner that fully meets your requirements - adjust its shape and size to your changing needs and interior design.
  5. Robust materials - browsing through various types of offers, you will notice the availability of a wide range of materials offered for upholstery. Often they differ in price, and thus in the type of fabric, material weight, properties and, above all, quality. What to suggest? Choose a durable and easy-to-clean fabric resistant to stains and abrasion, especially if you have a pet at home who likes to lounge on the couch. If, on the other hand, you're after timeless classics and elegance, opt for a leather finish that can be easily cleaned whenever needed. Remember, too, that depending on the chosen style of the entire room, you should match a different material. E.g. in the retro-glamour backdrop, velour reigns supreme, but in the case of cool Scandinavian it is better to bet on a smooth texture.
  6. Appropriate color scheme - this is an important feature, which, however, does not apply to every modern corner, because "appropriate" for a given interior style means something different. When deciding on a color, make sure it matches the rest of the living room decor. Subdued colors such as white, gray, black and shades of brown are popular in modern settings, but so are bold colors such as mustard, navy blue or bottle green when you want to accentuate the presence of a piece of furniture as the focal point of the room.

Knowing the above characteristics, when buying, remember that the choice of a modern corner sofa should be in accordance with your own style and preferences, because only then will you be fully satisfied with it. So it's important to create a harmonious space that reflects your individual tastes and provides real comfort.

Dream — set 1

Dream corner sofa - set 1

© Next Collection

What type of lounge furniture should you choose?

Once you realize what qualities your lounge furniture should represent, it's time to answer the fundamental question - what to choose - a sofa or a corner? It has become established that a corner sofa is a solution dedicated exclusively to large, spacious interiors. In turn, that a sofa will be best found in a room with a small area. Nothing could be further from the truth, as it all depends on the shape and size, not on the type of furniture. Thus, it may turn out that in a large living room one or two sofas will be perfect, and in a small room a properly positioned L-shaped or U-shaped corner sofa. See what types of sofas and corners you can choose from!

Modular corner sofa

This is a type of lounge furniture that is specially designed for different types of rooms. Thanks to its modular design, you can change its length and slightly modify its shape, and decide whether you want it to be symmetrical, or perhaps right or left-handed, without sacrificing other design elements. When creating your corner, you can add or abandon the selected module. This guarantees flexibility, functionality, convenience and aesthetics, making it an extremely popular solution.

Get to know the Dream collection modular corners available from Next Collection. This modern furniture is available in a variety of upholstery options, offering comfort and a perfect fit for your needs.

Dream — set 3

Dream corner sofa - set 3

© Next Collection

Folding sofa

A sofais a versatile piece of furniture that will find its way well into a large and small living room. In the first option it looks great in combination with other furniture from the series or forming a trio with the second sofa and a table set between them. On the other hand, in a limited space it will also work well in combination with a small coffee table.

Modern sofas offer definitely more than a place to sit. It is in many cases a large sleeping area, high-quality construction materials and technologies that allow you to unfold the furniture and get to the bedding container. In the unique Mia sofa, it's also modern chic given by the unusual streamlined shape of the seat and the elegant light beige upholstery with Boucle fabric. Thus constructed, the piece of furniture offers a uniform sleeping surface and resting comfort thanks to hourglass springs combined with HR foam. Mia will perfectly fit into a cozy and stylish interior.


Mia sofa

© Next Collection

Corner sofa with electrically extendable footrest

Convenience, comfort, positive impact on health and another dimension of relaxation - these are just some of the benefits guaranteed by a corner sofa with an electrically extendable footrest. The offered solution makes it easy to adjust your seating position to maximize your preferences, providing optimal support for your feet and body. Extending your legs after a hard day and elevating them promotes better blood circulation and reduces swelling. It also relieves stress on the spine, reducing muscle tension.

What's more, with the Wild Maxi Relax sleeper corner sofa, you can also enjoy adjustable headrests that further enhance your comfort. This is a versatile L-shaped piece of furniture that is sure to become the centerpiece of your living room. However, due to its considerable size, it requires a bit more space or economy in terms of other furniture.

U-shaped corner sofa

The U-shaped corner guarantees extensive seating space. It works best in large living rooms, as it is hard to find this type of furniture of small dimensions. It feels good placed in the middle of the living room surrounded by a table and armchairs, but also as a space separator or placed against a wall or in the corner of the room. It will be a great companion at parties, family gatherings or during movie nights, when it is important for everyone to have their own comfortable seating space. This is a solution for families with children or people who often have guests.

An interesting proposition is the Plaza U-shaped corner sofa with adjustable six headrests, a sleeping function and two bedding bins. This is a lounge furniture that perfectly combines utility with design. It will satisfy you during the day when you indulge in a moment of relaxation on it, as well as at night when you find yourself in need of additional sleeping space.

Plaza U Whisper 15

Plaza U corner sofa in Whisper 15 fabric

© Next Collection

L-shaped corner sofa

The L-shaped corner sofa is a popular choice among residents of blocks of flats as well as houses. It allows optimization of space that no other furniture of this type offers. It perfectly finds its way into a confined area, taking advantage of a corner of the room and providing a comfortable place to sit. It also often leaves configurability thanks to its modular design. For example - one arm of the corner sofa can be placed along the wall, while the other can be placed towards the central point in the room. In addition, each part of the furniture can have different uses, for example, the longer arm of the corner can be used as a place to stretch out and relax, while the shorter arm can serve as a conversation or entertainment area.

A functional solution for a modern interior is the Mone corner sofa with a sleeping function. The pull-out element of the structure, which increases the sleeping space, is made of the same material as the other parts of the corner, so it creates a coherent composition. In addition, adjustable headrests further enhance the comfort of your rest. It is available in different color variants.

Mone Vogue 2

Mone corner sofa in Vogue 2 fabric

© Next Collection

Opt for a fashionable solution!

Just as in the case of clothes, trends change from time to time in the context of furniture. So it's worth bearing in mind that when shopping, you should be guided primarily by your own tastes, and not by the examples promoted at a given time. The choice of a corner or sofa is most often a decision for years, because if you bet on high-quality equipment, it serves without complaint and there is no need to replace it too often.

In the context of lounge furniture, what is always fashionable is what is solid - so bet on proven mechanisms, resistant and tactile materials with deep color and ergonomic shapes. So if you're looking for such a corner or sofa, check out Next Collection's offer. What matters most to us is your comfort and the certainty that the equipment you get will serve you well for a long time!

For more information, visit the company's Next Collection page on the PdD portal.

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