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House with terrace 1 - modern house with an attic with an interesting form

Design of a modern house with a terrace

Do you want your home to be modern and designer, while providing you with the comfort of being outside? This design of a modern house with a terrace can fit into your expectations. Large glazing, a covered and spacious outdoor area and a compact body of the building make the design combine with comfort and functionality.

Project authors: arch. Krzysztof Borowski, arch. Piotr Rynkiewicz

 Dom z tarasem 1 - front

House with terrace 1 - front


Modern house with an attic
With an interesting form

This house design impresses with its original form. Compact and minimalist, it looks elegant and modern, while breaking out of the usual patterns. Composed of two elements - a one-story cuboid and a pitched roof set on top of it, it creates a harmonious whole that is sure to stand out from other developments. With Terrace 1 is definitely a modern design of a house with a usable attic that breaks with the traditional image of the archetypal form.

 Dom z tarasem 1 - jadalnia i kuchnia

House with Terrace 1 - dining room and kitchen


Modern house design
With a well-thought-out interior layout

The room program is designed for a family of 4 and has a clear functional division into a first floor living area and a sleeping attic. The front part of the first floor is occupied by a large two-car garage with additional storage space under the stairs, a vestibule, a convenient transitional dressing room, a study and an adjacent bathroom, and an entrance hall with a staircase.

The rear part of the first floor is occupied by a spacious integrated living area combining a living room, dining room and a modern kitchen with an island. A very practical solution is to connect the garage to the kitchen with a transitional pantry. This makes it convenient to carry and unpack groceries. Behind the pantry is a utility room with a heat pump, which also serves as a laundry and drying room. In the attic, there is a separate area for the parents' master bedroom with its own dressing room and large bathroom, as well as two children's bedrooms and a dedicated bathroom.

 Dom z tarasem 1 - jadalnia

House with terrace 1 - dining room


House with large glazing -
let the light into the interior!

Large windows on the first floor make the interior of the living area of the house from this project full of natural, pleasant light. This creates a friendly, warm atmosphere - one that fills the room with good energy. The panoramic storefronts blur the boundary between the interior and the adjacent terrace enhancing the impression of open space.

 Dom z tarasem 1 - salon i kuchnia

House with terrace 1 - living room and kitchen


Designer mezzanine over the dining room

Thanks to the opening of the ceiling over the dining room, the living area on the first floor and the communication in the attic become even more comfortable and effectively illuminated with natural light, and the whole interior gains a more representative character.

House design with a terrace: a large, sheltered space for your family

The spacious terrace will become a favorite place for your loved ones to relax and meet with friends on warm days of the year. It is a unique space, inscribed in the body of the building. The terrace is fully covered, so you can stay here even when it rains.

 Dom z tarasem 1 - salon

House with terrace 1 - living room


Project of an energy-efficient house:
recuperation and heat pump as standard

This project is compliant with WT 2021, which means that the building has very low primary energy requirements from non-renewable sources. This is influenced both by the high quality finishing materials to be used in the building and the possibility of using modern technologies. The project will work best in combination with a heat pump and mechanical ventilation with recuperation. The relevant documentation is included as standard.

This design of a house with a terrace will serve you to create a comfortable living space for the whole family. Choose it if you bet on open space in a modern style!

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