5 ways to organize your interior in a minimalist style

08 of November '22

How to arrange an interior in minimalist style? What exactly is this style and why does it increasingly attract our attention? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating this interior. In the series "5 ways to interior" we present advice on specific styles that you can be inspired by, creating a place for yourself.

Minimalistyczna sypialnia

Minimalist bedroom

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Minimalist style is all about simplicity. Less is more is the golden rule of interior design in this style. There is no question of clutter and a large number of trinkets. Space, form and good craftsmanship are to reign supreme. Minimalism is also closely related to nature. Minimalists prefer neutral tones and lots of wood. They also rely on good quality products that are not harmful to the planet.

Minimalistyczny salon

Minimalist living room

© Kave Home

Subdued colors

Subdued, neutral colors such as white, black, grays, beiges and browns are the basis of minimalist style. Mix cool hues that optically enlarge the space with warm, natural colors that add a cozy touch. The key is consistency. Use neutral colors not only on walls and floors, but also for furniture and accessories. However, you can introduce one colorful accent to break the monotony. Remember, however, that it should be one small gadget.

Postaw na stonowane kolory

Opt for muted colors


Quality materials

Nature also reigns in minimalist materials. Wood, metal and concrete will be ideal. Glass elements will help brighten up the space. Remember, however, that due to the limited number of elements in the interior, you should bet on their quality. A great choice will be handicrafts. This is in line with the philosophy of minimalist living, as such furniture and accessories will stay with you longer and will not contribute to littering the planet.

Wood is an ideal material for minimalist arrangements

© LINE Karolina Figel


Both space and money. When decorating a minimalist interior, get rid of unnecessary furniture and accessories. Go through drawer by drawer and remove unnecessary decorations from shelves. Take in each item and consider whether you still need it. If you buy a new one, get rid of another one instead. Don't be afraid that there will be a lot of empty space left after such cleaning. Instead of filling it by force, it is better to bet on original lighting.

Minimalism is all about simplicity

Photo R Architecture © UNSPLASH

Simple shapes

Furniture and accessories should have geometric forms and be devoid of ornamentation. Smooth furniture fronts and uniform surfaces will bring harmony to the interior. Functionality is also no less important than appearance. After all, in minimalism we leave only what we need. These conditions will be perfectly met by designs from Scandinavia.

Dekoracje w stylu minimalistycznym również powinny być proste

Decorations in minimalist style should also be simple

Photo: Karolina Grabowska © Kaboompics


An important issue in designing a space in minimalist style is proper planning of storage. After all, we don't want unnecessary things to disrupt the arrangement. Fortunately, maintaining daily order in a minimalist space is much easier, as all items have their place.

Postaw na jakościowe materiały

Opt for quality materials

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