5 things that will give your apartment a unique character

15 of June '22

Often when arranging our own apartments we fall into a mental stagnation, stating that our interior does not stand out in any way. Such a pattern can be easily broken! We present five things that will give your interior an unconventional and distinctive character.

Some interiors simply need to differentiate - to find one additional element that will help distinguish the space and make it unique. Sometimes it's a small and minor addition, and sometimes it's a huge change. Here are five ready ideas on how to spice up your interior!

1. unique cladding on the wall.

You don't have to immediately encase the walls in wooden panels or glazed tiles, but if there is one wall out of four (unless you have more) arranged in a different way - it will give the room a new character. Wooden cladding does not mean boring lacquered paneling, but modern geometric patterns combined with exceptional workmanship. Similarly, glazed tiles can be used. Remember, not quantity, but quality - one distinctive wall is enough.

Okładzina z drewna Okładzina z glazury

Wood and glazed cladding

Photo by Studio Resources, © Finch Studio | photo by Michal Sierakowski, © Artewizjon

2. a piece of furniture different from all others

You don't have to own furniture exclusively from renowned designers or makers. One unique piece of furniture can be a unique part of the whole. It doesn't have to be expensive - you can look for a furniture studio, start-up companies or even be tempted to make some simple furniture yourself - it's all about originality. One distinctive piece of furniture will allow you to introduce a new quality. It can be a table, bookcase, chair, armchair or bookcase.



Photo by Magdalena Łojewska Vey, Photography, © The Wall - Pracownia Architektury

3. wooden laths

Wooden laths are increasingly popular. Nevertheless, this does not limit their originality. This small and simple element can be an extension of other parts of the furniture or an autonomous whole. A simple wooden structure allows you to diversify the interior, and can perform additional functions.

Drewniane lamele

wooden laths

photo by Kamil Paszek, © AMJ Studio

4. wallpapers and photo wallpapers

Thewallpaper market is increasingly diversified. In addition to classic patterns, we also get unique designs with a variety of motifs. We can opt for a single image or a repeating pattern. As with cladding, we can opt for such a treatment on only one wall.

Fototapeta w toalecie

Wall mural in a toilet

© Butterfly

5. art

Whether it's a sculpture, an engraving or a large canvas. It is worth thinking about buying art that does not have a mass character. We can decide on anything we want, and the possibilities are limited only by our tastes. We get something completely new in this case.

sztuka może być elementem, który poprawi jakość twojego wnętrza

Art can be an element that will improve the quality of your interior

Photo by Oni, © Pigalopus

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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