A new look at Parisian townhouse style

19 of May '23

Designed by the Jasicka & Śnieżek Interior Design studio, the one-hundred-meter interior in Warsaw's Mokotów district is the best example of how to combine the classics known from the arrangements of Parisian townhouses with a minimalist modern style.

Wnętrze łączy styl paryskiej kamienicy z nowoczesną stylistyką

The interior combines the style of a Parisian townhouse with modern styling

© Jasicka & Śnieżek Interior Design

A stylistic mix

In Warsaw's Mokotów district, among carefully restored tenement houses, the owner of this apartment found her dream place. She wanted to furnish the one-hundred-meter living space in a modern way, emphasizing the character of the location. The architects' task was to combine the charm of old tenements with modern minimalism. Hence, the interior combines classic solutions typical of the Parisian style with elements of modernity.

Ściana sypialni została wyłożona panelami tapicerowanymi

The bedroom wall was lined with upholstered panels

© Jasicka & Śnieżek Interior Design

Better division

The interiors required reorganization of the entire functional layout. At the request of the investor, one room was given up here in favor of a large, open living space with a spacious seating area, an elegant dining room and a functional kitchen. This zone is visually closed by a furniture cabinet with a bio-fireplace and a TV, thus separating this part of the apartment from the circulation route. The newly designed layout of the walls also allowed ergonomic arrangement of the bathroom, toilet and laundry room. By reconstructing the space between the bedroom and the study, it was possible to create an additional capacious dressing room.

Biokominek w salonie

Bio-fireplace in the living room

© Jasicka & Śnieżek Interior Design

New quality of classics

The interior features many elements taken from classic interiors inspired by the design of Parisian townhouses. These include subtle stucco, an oak chevron floor laid in a French herringbone pattern, phrased panels of diamond-shaped mirrors, or elegant fabrics draping over large windows. These were juxtaposed with modern furniture built-ins with soft-touch finishes and brushed veneers and lightweight furniture units. Warmth and coziness are added by wood and stone and fabrics. The whole was dressed in universal colors - grays, beiges and browns. However, there is no lack of stronger accents in the form of black, graphite and brass, which effectively stand out against the subdued background.

Toaleta z zabudową Zarówno w toalecie jak i w łazience wykorzystano elementy zielonej ściany

Both the toilet and the bathroom use elements of green wall

© Jasicka & Śnieżek Interior Design

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