Evaporative air conditioner or a fan - which to choose and why?

13 of July '22

On hot days it is quite a challenge to function in a heated room. To be able to breathe a sigh of relief then, it is worth acquiring one of the air cooling equipment. Currently there is a wide selection of them on the market. Relatively inexpensive devices for lowering temperatures are fans, but you can also find evaporative air conditioners on the market. So which to opt for, and actually why?


A room fan is simply a fan, equipped with propellers and a motor. It sets air in motion, the temperature of which remains the same, although its intense flow is felt as a gentle chill.

More modern column fans operate on a similar principle, but instead of large blades, many tiny fans are mounted. The effect remains similar.

Slightly different are propellerless fans, which draw air from the room to then push it out with great force.

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A small home fan

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Evaporative air conditioner

Evaporative air conditioner, commonly referred to as a tubeless air conditioner or water air conditioner. Its operation is similar to the mechanism used by a humidifier, hence the term "evaporative". However, it is not an air conditioner.

Inside the unit is a motor that forces the air and a reservoir for cold water or ice. There is also a mat, which the flowing water soaks up and cools. The air drawn from the room thus returns in a cooler form and slightly humidified.

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Home fans

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Comparison of the two devices

As for the effectiveness of the two devices, the impression of cooling the room is only apparent with them. Neither of them is able to change the actual temperature. The initial effects are similar. Over time, however, the operation of the air conditioner increases the humidityin the room. The recommended humidity in the air is between 40 and 60 percent. A few hours of air conditioner operation is enough to exceed this standard. This, in turn, worsens the comfort of operation and can negatively affect our well-being, as well as create favorable conditions for mold growth.

As for the comfort of the user, in the case of a fan, it is enough to plug it into the power supply and start it up. The air conditioner must have a container regularly refilled with water or ice. Thus, it requires us to additionally cool or freeze the water tanks.

The prices of air conditioners without a tube, offering a basic range of services, also compare less favorably, and the energy consumed for its operation is even several times higher.

Considering the aesthetics of the devices, it is undoubtedly a matter of taste. It is worth looking for a model that perfectly matches the style of our interior. Manufacturers offer both modern models with bold designer forms, as well as stylized or more classic ones.

Development: Liwia Sus

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