An alternative to traditional carpet? Choose a vinyl mat

06 of September '22

Vinyl mats combine functionality and aesthetics. They effectively protect the floor from damage by moisture or dirt while giving the interior a stylish character.

What are vinyl mats?

Vinylmats are an alternative to traditional carpets. They are made entirely of plastic. The vast majority are PVC fibers. The rest is fiberglass responsible for their adhesion. The mats are often made of recycled vinyl. You won't find harmful phthalates in their composition either. PVC mats have a completely smooth surface. The lack of bristles means that on their surface there are no conditions for the accumulation of dust and the development of pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, they are extremely easy to keep clean. Dirt does not penetrate the structure of the mat, but remains on its surface. So it is enough to wipe the mat with a wet cloth with a mild detergent. This makes PVC mats a great choice for allergy sufferers. The ease of cleaning is also sure to be appreciated by parents and pet owners.

Mata winylowa

Vinyl mat

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Properties of PVC mats

Vinylrugs are distinguished by their extremely high resistance to mechanical damage. They are not afraid of dropping heavy objects or the wheels from a swivel chair. This makes it perfect for protecting the parquet floor from any scratches and damage. The mats are very thin. They are usually about 2 mm thick. Their light weight makes it easy to move them from place to place. PVC carpets can be laid on all kinds of surfaces. You can put them on panels, tiles, boards and parquet floors. Vinyl carpets can also be used with underfloor heating. The mats, made of moisture-resistant PVC material, will perfectly protect the floor in the hallway. This is the first place you see when you enter the house. This is where shoes are removed. Sand falls from them or water trickles down. A vinyl carpet will effectively protect the hallway floor from splashing. The mats will also be an ideal protection for the space on the terrace or balcony. However, remember not to lay them in a very sunny place, as the rays can damage the print on the rug.

Maty winylowe są łatwe w czyszczeniu

Vinyl mats are easy to clean

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Mats for special tasks

PVC mats are a much more versatile choice than a traditional rug. For example, they are ideal for wet areas. Because they are waterproof, you can use them as a bathroom rug. Importantly, they are characterized by high stability due to their high adhesion to the ground. So you don't have to worry that the rug will roll up, and you will lose your balance, coming out of the shower. Moreover,unlike traditional bathroom rugs, you do not need to dry them. In the kitchen, on the other hand, their biggest advantage will be the ease of cleaning. Even tough stains, such as those from tomato sauce or red wine, can be removed in seconds. Moreover, even when you spill flour or rice, there will be no need to pull out the vacuum cleaner. Everything will be able to be wiped off very easily, as the mat has no hairs for these products to penetrate. Due to its high durability, PVC mats will also be an ideal choice for the workshop, garage, or boiler room.

Mata PCV w kuchni Mata winylowa w kuchni

Vinyl mats in the kitchen

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