Apartment bathed in greenery

05 of June '23

Can the color green be a theme in the interior? How yet! This is perfectly demonstrated by an interesting realization by MIKOLAJSKA Studio, which created a place for a family of four near Krakow.

Not far from Krakow, in Raciborsk, a family of four wanted to create their oasis of greenery, being a place of respite and relaxation. The most important thing for the studio's clients was to create a space that was warm and cozy to look at, though still filled with intense colors.

w jednym z pokojów dziecka znajdziemy ściankę

In one of the children's rooms you will find a wall


The concept of interior design was based on reference to natural colors and materials. We introduced a lot of greenery into the interior in the form of a living green wall, pots built into the floor in the bathroom next to the bedroom and in the open staircase, which were to give the impression of plants passing into the house. The investor, on the other hand, wanted to add intense colors to the interior, especially in fabrics and wallpapers - this is what happened," explains Krystyna Mikolajska of MIKOLAJSKA Studio.

pod schodami stworzono zielony zakątek

A green nook was created under the stairs


common space

A large amount of greenery can already be found in the common area, a green wall with plants has been created between the lobby, dining room and kitchen. A similarly green solution can be found under the stairs, where plants growing at floor level create a natural buffer.

The dining room area is distinguished from the kitchen primarily by the change in flooring. Wooden floors contrast with gray tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. In the kitchen, the decision was made to keep the gray tones, varied here and there by the use of wooden slats - and of course you'll also find plants here.

jadalnia a po prawej zielona ściana

The dining room and the green wall on the right


The high living room is also an interesting space, where a view of the greenery opens up through the glazing - the colors of wood, oranges and bottle green reign supreme here.


living room


private spaces

In the private spaces adapted to the homeowners, you will find a whole revue of colors. In the toilets, besides wood, there are gently grayed green colors enhanced by wallpaper with a swan motif, as well as evocative colors of warm marble.

jedna z łazienek

one of the bathrooms


Equally interesting is a bathroom with large glass windows opening up a view of the meadow. It is here, next to the bathtub, that a truly dense potted greenery with palm trees was chosen. The bathtub almost grows into the greenery.

łazienka skąpana w zieleni

bathroom bathed in greenery


In the rooms of the younger members of the family, next to the shades of wood, you will find most navy blue and white. Attention is drawn to the shelves in blue and grayed purple, whose finials imitate antique buildings in a minimalist way.

pokój dziecka

children's room


This space is also dominated by wallpapers, from those featuring architectural pearls to those with lush flora depicting flying birds in the jungle.

tapeta z motywami roślinnymi

wallpaper with floral motifs


You'll also find a work space with a small desk, which is easy to move when you want to organize a guest room. It's a small space that has been fully utilized.




developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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