An apartment full of contrasts

04 of May '22

How to create an apartment with contrast? Won't the breakdown of materials and colors create a mediocre breakthrough? Today we present an interesting project by Butterfly Studio - where the main focus is on contrast.

The arrangement was designed for a two-level apartment in Warsaw. Interior architects from Butterfly Studio primarily tried to create an interesting contrast. What do the individual interiors have in common, how do they differ?

drewno to istotny element wnętrza

wood is an important element of the interior

© Butterfly Studio

From the hallway to the living room - wood and simple furniture

In the living room, the material that dominates the space is wood. Wooden panels were decided on the floor. Part of the wall development was made of wood, which is best seen around the TV. The furniture in the dining room was also made in this material. All additional accessories and equipment in the living room are kept in a simple, minimalist style. Attention is drawn to the unique lamp over the table, which was composed of several white planes.

uwagę w salonie przykuwa niezwykła biała lampa

Attention in the living room is attracted by an unusual white lamp

© Butterfly Studio

kitchen not separated

The architects chose not to place a kitchen island between the kitchen and living room, which allows for a more open, pleasant space. On the floor, the difference between the living room and kitchen space is visible. Here they decided on light gray tiles. The kitchen cabinetry is two-tone. In the lower part, wood was decided and in the upper part, simple white. Minimalist accessories like small plants and unique bowls are interesting.

kuchnia nie została oddzielona od salonu

The kitchen has not been separated from the living room

© Butterfly Studio

colorful bathrooms

The bathrooms in the apartment were solved in an interesting way. Each is completely different. In the first bathroom, it was decided to use interesting, irregular mirrors that resemble water drops in shape. They were placed on sea-colored tiles, which were laid in a herringbone pattern. The shower enclosure imitates dark gray stone.

uwagę przykuwa nieregularny kształt luster

Attention is drawn to the irregular shape of the mirrors

© Butterfly Studio

The second bathroom is dominated by an image of wild Amazonian vegetation resembling a terrazzo effect. The bathtub is a classic white color. The walls are clad in dark beige ceramic tiles. In this bathroom there is also a space for storing items, kept in a soft white color.

w drugiej łazience króluje wizerunek dzikiej roślinności

The second bathroom is dominated by an image of wild vegetation

© Butterfly Studio

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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