Ocean-themed apartment

14 of June '22

Can interior design be inspired by the oceans? As much as possible - through layout, colors or choice of furniture. In the Warsaw realization, Furora Studio looked for inspiration primarily in the ocean.


living room with exceptional furniture

© Furora Studio

The interior design was created for a family of 2+2. The apartment is located in Warsaw. Above all, the clients wanted to intelligently organize the space so as to preserve as much space as possible while omitting bulky furniture.

simple corridor

In the corridor space, the focus was on wood-paneled fronts and soft fillers. The colors of gray, white and soft walnut reign supreme here. Here you will also find capacious cabinets that allow you to create new storage space.

Przedpokój Przedpokój

hallway in walnut color

© Furora Studio

relaxation zone

A small amount of furniture was located in the living room space. First of all, a soft walnut color was chosen here, combined with unique furniture such as an irregular coffee table, an openwork freestanding bookcase with an artistic character. On the walls, paintings were decided. Also important is the corner sofa - with a unique blue color. Around this piece of furniture focuses life in the living room.


living room with a blue sofa

© Furora Studio

Blue and white in the kitchen

The kitchen is mainly dominated by built-in fronts made in three different colors. Here we can find a strong blue referring to the title ocean, white combined with delicate milling or walnut color. At the heart is a small table forming the dining area.


kitchen in three colors

© Furora Studio

a bedroom tailored to your needs

The apartment locates as many as three bedrooms - which is normal with two children. In the parents' bedroom you will find, first of all, a low walnut bed. Behind the white headrest, we will primarily find a soft blue on the wall. Two pieces of furniture catch the eye. A white closet with unique simple millwork evoking vertical laths and an openwork wooden bookcase combined with a desk.



© Furora Studio

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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