An apartment with a soul

07 of September '23
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  1. The project was created by architect Tomasz Polanski.
  2. The 32-meter studio is located in Nowa Huta.
  3. The centerpiece of the arrangement is a tapestry of Our Lady of Czestochowa.
  4. The arrangement is dominated by a combination of white with bottle green and gold accents.
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Designing a small apartment presents unique challenges. A 32-square-meter studio in Cracow's Nowa Huta district, however, is a perfect example of how such a difficulty can be a source of inspiration.

Back to the roots

The apartment serves as a temporary residence for the owner, who lives in Italy on a daily basis. The investor was keen to incorporate accents closely related to Polish culture into the interior. To this end, the designer included, among other things, antiques in the arrangement. Initially, the apartment consisted of a dark hallway, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a small living room. One of the key challenges was to combine these different rooms into a cohesive whole. Architect Tomasz Polański decided to transform the place with elegant white and soft green accents. The centerpiece became a tapestry with an image of Our Lady of Częstochowa. It became the heart and soul of the apartment, giving it a unique character and emotional depth.

Architekt Tomasz Polański

Architect Tomasz Polański

Photo: Dekorialove ©

Kitchen in retro style

The main theme of the project became white, which provides a neutral background for green and gold accents. The open living area includes a kitchenette, a dining area and a lounge area. The kitchenette was delineated with tiles with a decorative pattern. Delicate decoration also appears on the tiles above the countertop. The entire kitchen built-in has been kept in a shade of broken white. Its retro character is emphasized by gold handles.

Podłoga w aneksie kuchennym została wyłożona wzorzystymi płytkami Na ścianie nad blatem również pojawiają się kafelki ze wzorem

The floor in the kitchenette was laid with patterned tiles.

Photo: Dekorialove ©


The dining area is located between the kitchenette and the sofa. This small space was cleverly arranged with a round table. Such a piece of furniture takes up less space, at the same time easily accommodating four people. Upholstered chairs in a shade of bottle green introduce a colorful accent and herald the transition to the rest of the room, where more saturated colors were used. Above the table, meanwhile, hangs a striking lamp with round shades, which stands out beautifully against the simple light fixtures appearing in the annex and hallway.

Jadalnię tworzy okrągły stolik i tapicerowane krzesła w odcieniu zieleni W witrynkach została wyeksponowana zastawa

The dining room is formed by a round table and upholstered chairs in a shade of green

Photo by Dekorialove ©

Strong accent

The lounge area consists of a large corner sofa with a simple form and a light beige color, as well as a TV and a RTV cabinet with a fluted front underneath it. Two display cabinets play an important role here. One traditionally wooden, the other in an intense green color. This is a place where the owner can expose her collection of tableware. At the same time, the furniture reminds us of the old days and gives the arrangement a bit of idyllic atmosphere. It is worth noting the use of mirrors on parts of the walls. They not only optically enlarge the interior, but also, due to their interesting form, add elegance to it. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the impressive tapestry. The image of Our Lady of Częstochowa on the wall definitely distinguishes this arrangement from others and gives it an individual character.

Niewielkie mieszkanie na Nowej Hucie należy do inwestorki mieszkającej na co dzień we Włoszech

A small apartment in Nowa Huta belongs to an investor who lives in Italy

Photo: Dekorialove ©

Consistent arrangement

The small bathroom is consistent with the rest of the apartment. Here, you will also find a combination of white with green and gold accents. Attention is drawn to the rectangular tiles decorating the walls and the use of the same flooring that appears in the kitchen.

Łazienka jest spójna kolorystycznie z resztą mieszkania Zielone płytki na ścianie łączą się z wzorzystymi kafelkami na podłodze

The bathroom is consistent in color with the rest of the apartment

Photo: Dekorialove ©

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