Suite with a bathtub in the bedroom

02 of November '22

A bathtub in the bedroom may not be the most popular solution, but you have to admit that it is extremely attractive. One such apartment adorns the portfolio of Ewa Więcek of the Make It Yours studio.

Strefa dzienna

Living area

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The apartment has large windows overlooking the Vistula River, however they face northwest. This prompted the architects to use solutions that maximize the amount of daylight, especially in the morning and around noon. The intended goal was achieved through the use of glass doors in the bedrooms, letting light into the living room, and large round mirrors in the bedrooms, giving reflected light.



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The illuminated mirrors made according to the office's design have original coloring and an unusual shape. This is one of the elements consistent with the complex idea to soften the interior with round and round shapes.

- With the ovals we wanted to refer to the Vistula River, which gently flows in bends under the Wawel hill. We also designed other elements of the interior in this convention; bed headboards , closets and some of the fronts of the furniture," says the architect.



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- When designing the interiors of an apartment in the heart of Krakow located right on the Vistula boulevards, we decided together with the investor to use natural and durable materials," describes Ewa Więcek.



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The element that gives a unique character to the interior is micro-cement. The unusual advantage of this material is that it is impossible to lay it twice in an identical way. Depending on the number of layers, the tools used, the pressure during laying, the intensity of sanding, the type and thickness of the varnish, we will get a different effect, and their number is infinite.In the presented interiors, microcement was used on the floor and some walls in the living room and bedroom. This material was also used for the floors and walls in the bathrooms. Another advantage of the material helped in achieving a great effect. It is the ability to be colored in almost any color.

Łazienka Prysznic


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