9 free apps to help you renovate

31 of December '21

Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer, construction professional, designer, or just want to have fun arranging an interior, these interior and exterior home design apps will help us get tons of ideas and even visualize the space ourselves. They are available for most Android and iOS devices, as well as in web browsers.

Apps that inspire

Pinterest może nas
zainspirować na różnych płaszczyznach Pinterest can inspire us on various levels

© Nathan Reboucas

1. Pinterest - ideas and inspiration

Pinterest is one of the most popular interior design apps for a reason. Thanks to the search engine, we can find millions of inspirations, not only about design. We can save images we like to categories and create our own folders. There's also the option to collaborate on boards - so you can share your findings easily and confront your visions with your loved ones. With endless inspiration to scroll through, downloading this app can be a must when thinking about your next renovation. We also have our own board - welcome!

Average rating: 4.7
Available on: IOS, Android


Aplikacja Houzz daje wiele
możliwości — możemy zainspirować się tysiącami fotografii wnętrz

The Houzz app offers many possibilities - we can get inspired by thousands of interior photos

© Houzz.com2.

2. Houzz Home - home design and remodeling.

Thanks to the Houzz app, we can find a lot of inspiration for arranging our home or apartment. In our conditions, this application will be useful primarily for finding inspiration and defining your own style. In addition, you can use it to communicate, for example, with your family. It is not available in Polish and, unfortunately, we cannot take full advantage of its capabilities.

Average rating: 4.7
Available on: IOS, Android

Dzięki Palette Cam możemy
wybrać interesujące kolory z naszych zdjęć Dzięki Palette Cam możemy wybrać
interesujące kolory z naszych zdjęć

With Palette Cam we can select interesting colors from our photos

© Palette Cam

3. Palette Cam - color selection

If we want to bring the colors of nature into the house with one snap of the camera this application will be suitable. It will pull all the colors from any photo to create a wonderful color palette that we can use to arrange our interiors. Whether we want to bring the beauty of the beach into the bathroom or the warm colors of a sunset into the hallway, Palette Cam will make it easy.

Average rating: 4.9
Available on: IOS

Palette Cam

Design and visualization

4th Home Design 3d - interior design

This is an interior design application that provides a professional result. We can build our own 3D model of the interior, change the heights and thickness of the walls and add windows and doors. Then get down to decorating and placing furnishings. All these elements are finished blocks. Then the model can be visualized with photorealistic 3D rendering.

Average rating: 5.0
Available on: iOS, Android, WWW

Home Design 3d

5. magicPlan

The app itself is free, but if you intend to use it regularly, you will have to buy a subscription(only two projects are free).
By moving your phone, you can scan a room and then the windows and doors, resulting in a dimensioned projection. Later, of course, we can edit it. It is best if there are no large objects in the room (and especially its corners).

Average rating: 4.7
Available on: iOS, Android, Web

Magic Plan

6. IKEA Place - furnishing

Before entering the vast maze that is IKEA, we can figure out what really fits in our home with the IKEA Place app. Using augmented reality technology, we can place the furniture or lamps of our choice in our own interior. It doesn't necessarily have to come down to just IKEA products, we can always see how a particular style of furniture, will look in our apartment. When we find something we really like, we can buy it directly from the app or find a nearby store that has it in stock.

Average rating: 4.6
Available on: iOS

IKEA Place

7. iScape landscaping

With iScape's design tools, we can visualize and plan the surroundings of our home. It is possible to create your own design using augmented reality or your own photos. We can add thousands of trees, plants and landscaping products to our mockup. It is also possible to add another user who has the application, so we can share the screen on two devices

Average rating: 5.0
Available on: iOS


Design apps available in the browser

8. homeStyler - Online 3D Home Design

Allows you to design a sleek, modern home in your browser, in both free and paid versions. With templates and instructions, it's a great choice for any user who wants to try out trendy furniture and incorporate new ideas into their space.


Dzięki Sketchup możemy
wykonywać realistyczne wizualizacje

With Sketchup, we can make realistic visualizations

© Don Kaveen

9th Sketchup - 3D modeling

Thanks to this application (which is even used in architectural offices) we can easily obtain an accurate 3D model of an area or even a single object. The unlimited ability to add models of various objects, as well as existing products created by manufacturers, makes it possible for us to very accurately render the appearance of our room or even the entire home environment.
SketchUp offers many levels of sophistication, with plans and subscriptions. However, if our needs are not complicated, SketchUp offers an online-only service through which we can design a 3D model. This option of the program is completely free. However, if we want to have the applications on our computer, a 30-day trial version is also available. We can install the application on our phone, which will be compatible with the PC version.

Average rating: 4.4
Available on: iOS, Android, WWW


Development: Dominika Tyrlik

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