Architect Hanna Pietras recommends the most interesting interior trends for 2023

09 of February '23

Just as in the world of fashion, certain kinds of trends reign in interiors. Architect Hanna Pietras has picked out some strong interior trends that will be talked about this year.


This will be one of the most important trends when it comes to interior design. We already saw last year that more and more clients want to integrate their hobbies into their living spaces, and I think we'll see a lot more of this in the coming year. It started with home gyms, while the pandemic forced us to create our work space. Today, we no longer lock our work in a separate room, we like to keep an eye on what's going on in our home while we work - especially if we have a small child. This is something I know best from myself.

Pokój z miejscem do ćwiczeń

Room with exercise area

Designed by Hanna Pietras Architects, Anastasia Lukiewicz I Photo: Follow the Flow Studio


Today the interior is supposed to be "something", with soul. We are definitely moving away from catalog interiors that are predictable and bland. Fitting for everyone. This will be the year when my beloved eclecticism will be presnt even more in interiors. This style is the resultant of many combinations - colors, materials, textures, styles. Everything must be consistent with each other, creating one image, not chaos. I will always say that this style is very demanding. There is a fine line between eclectic style and randomly selected furnishings. Customers are eager to bring a mix of arrangements into their homes. They will no longer be interested in matching sets of furniture. They simply prefer to incorporate unique pieces, heirlooms or finds they love into their spaces. Finding and owning your personal style, especially in interiors, gives you a sense of power. Individual rooms can exude different atmospheres - for example, a bedroom with a dark color palette as opposed to a house that is usually white and brightly lit, or a particularly decorative toilet that stands out in the overall minimalism of a particular apartment.

Wnętrze w stylu eklektycznym

Eclectic style interior

Designed by Hanna Pietras Architects, Anastasia Lukiewicz I Photo: Follow the Flow Studio


Word that says a lot about clients' needs. Today they will no longer be satisfied with furniture, lighting or accessories only from popular brands. Uniqueness will count. Searching for one-of-a-kind pieces. Instead of buying from big manufacturers - supporting local artists and craftsmen. The story behind the things they buy will count. That's why we architects should be more sensitive and search for design elements in the least expected places like during our vacation travels. I myself buy many beautiful and unique decorations or lamps every time I am in Portugal. I get a lot of fun out of it, and I can see that it also gives pleasure to my clients, because they have something unique and special. More and more often I am also "in touch" with my clients during their travels and advise them when they are, for example, in Sicily or Copenhagen. Such "hunted" items are the most pleasing.

Wnętrze w stylu eklektycznym

Interior in eclectic style

Design: by Hanny Pietras Architects, Anastasia Lukiewicz I Photo: Follow the Flow Studio

Natural materials and craftsmanship

2023 is all about authenticity of materials. There is no more space for something pretending to be wood, or colors corresponding to those on stones. After decades of accepting less-than-standard manufacturing quality, we will begin to emphasize decorative design, respect for wood and unique touches like hand-forged details. The painstaking process of handwork in every area, from fabric creation to accessories and hand-woven rugs - this will be appreciate even more.

Naturalne materiały zagoszczą w tegorocznych wnętrzach

Natural materials will make their presence felt in this year's interiors

Design: Hanna Pietras Architects, Anastasia Lukiewicz I Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

Bold colors

Color is a natural corollary to eclectic style, and it's to be expected to make its way into our interiors. Whites, beiges and grays will be there, of course, but nevertheless, clients are starting to become more open-minded. Last year sage reigned supreme - especially in the kitchen. This year I think terra cotta, color variants of maroons and even browns will do it. Which makes me happy - because I outright love colors. Interiors are alive because of them!

Odważne kolory będą coraz częściej pojawiać się w aranżacjach wnętrz

Bold colors will increasingly appear in interior designs

Design: Hanna Pietras Architects, Joanna Poradowska I Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio


The trend has already been present in earlier years, but while until now lush vegetation, green walls were fashionable, now we will go for irregularity. Desert landscapes, non-obvious plant forms, mineral shades and mossy greens. A reference to a very primordial and imperfect form. Something that we would have once passed by indifferently, but today arouses enthusiasm in us.

W 2023 roku będziemy otaczać się motywami botanicznymi

In 2023 we will surround ourselves with botanical motifs

Designed by Hanna Pietras Architects, Monika Ledzion I Photo: Raspberry Workshop

Holistic design

Today, the role of an architect goes beyond just designing. I can see this in the example of my studio and the entire process of working with a client. The first meeting is no longer just browsing a board with inspirations from a popular social media platform but a conversation - a long, detailed, sincere, often emotional one. My role is to catch all those details, nuances. To understand the needs and imagine what my client's day looks like - the one in the middle of the week, but also on the weekend. Today, when designing interiors, we take into account not only aesthetics, but also the emotional needs of the Investor. The particular one who will live in it. Nothing can be a coincidence so when I present him with a project, the Client must immediately feel that this is it - a "tailor-made" interior. Overwork in everyday life and stress affects us all, including our clients, and although the creation of something new should make us happy, it is also very often a reason for frustration - the inability to make a decision, dragging it out in time, uncertainty, sometimes also problems with the delivery of materials or, at a later stage, furniture. Here my job is to be a support for the customer. He must have a feeling of being taken care of, he must be able to complain or talk. An architect is also very often a mediator between, for example, spouses, especially when they cannot agree on basic decisions that happen to be beyond them. I think 2023 is the year for us architects to strengthen soft skills - communication and negotiation.

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