Glamour arrangement

20 of May '22

The goal of this arrangement was to create an interior maintained in Glamour style. Nasciturus Design studio's realization creates a space kept in sharp, glowing white.



© Nasciturus Design

The project was created for a family consisting of parents, three daughters and a small dog. The apartment is located in Warsaw's Ursynów district, while its area is one hundred and twenty square meters. For the architects, the most important thing was to give a modern, functional character based primarily on strong, stark white.



© Nasciturus Design

recreation area - living room

The rest area is based on a corner white sofa, next to which a fireplace with a TV was located. A concrete semicircular coffee table was matched with a gray, carpet. The color scheme is gently broken by a sizable green plant placed by the passage. The goal of the living room was to create a pleasant and gentle space. White long curtains are also an important element.

salon z jadalnią

living room with dining room

© Nasciturus Design

Right next to it was the dining room with a simple wooden table on metal legs and white chairs. What catches the eye is especially the lamp composed of simple metal slats, which, by being appropriately spaced, create a rippling effect.


dining room

© Nasciturus Design

marble kitchen

The kitchen is separated from the rest of the room by a kitchen island in a soft gray color imitating marble. The fronts of the kitchen cabinets are mainly pure white, gently broken with beveling. The space is very calm and spacious. The household appliances have been color-matched to the whole.



© Nasciturus Design

dynamic line

In the bedroom, an unusual solution was decided upon. It involves the use of slats separated by mirrors, which allows for a unique play of light, as well as dynamizing this space. The laths run from the headrest through the ceiling to the next wall.


© Nasciturus Design

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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