Arrangement based on black granite and onyx!

29 of July '22

How to combine classic and modern? This question is answered by a realization designed by Anna Blaszczyk of the Artewizjon studio in a Warsaw villa.

Fusion is a project carried out in a Villa located in a quiet part of the city. Above all, the architect tried to combine classic and modern.


It is worth noting the lobby, which is dominated by quartz sinter inspired by white marble. It is delicately combined with darkened mirrors on one of the walls, wooden accessories such as a unique clothes rack. The staircase leading to the first floor is made of black granite, giving a jewel-like impression.



Photo: Michal Sierakowski, © Artewizjon


The kitchen is once again dominated by black granite combined with wood and gold accessories. In addition to black elements in the form of a table or countertop finish, we can find here delicate white, into which household appliances have been blended. The high chairs around the table are black delicate fabric combined with a gold frame.



Photo: Michal Sierakowski, © Artewizjon

Living room

The living room space is mainly delicate white, visible from the sofa, quartz sinter floor or coffee table combined with wood and black granite. In the interior you will find a multitude of accessories such as glamour-style lamps or golden mirror frames resembling the sun. Next to it we find a dining room with an unusual glass table with a unique leg arrangement and gray chairs.

salon i kuchnia

living room and kitchen

Photo: Michal Sierakowski, © Artewizjon


The bedroom is much quieter. A bath room and dressing room have been hidden behind an openwork wall. Here we can find simple furnishings in the form of a coffee table or a white table with a classic character. Also important is the wide opening to the outside light.



photo by Michal Sierakowski, © Artewizjon


In the Bathroom we will meet with a cladding of sinter that is confusingly similar to natural onyx. It is this material that fully subordinates the toilet space. It was decided here not only to have a shower, but also a bathtub. The fixtures are kept in gold and silver colors.



Photo: Michal Sierakowski, © Artewizjon

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