Artistic carpet - jewelry for your interior

13 of March '23

Want to create a unique interior design without spending a fortune and doing a major renovation? Opt for a designer rug.

Oryginaly dywan będzie kluczem wystroju

An original carpet will be the key to the decor

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A touch of madness

The modern carpet increasingly serves a decorative function. Like designer furniture or accessories, it can become a distinctive element of an arrangement, giving it an original character. An original rug can stand out in shape, texture or color, creating an interesting contrast with the rest of the arrangement. When looking for a truly original rug, forget about conservative shapes. Rectangular is not the only, and certainly not the most interesting form of rug. You can choose from circles, oval shapes or irregular outlines. The wealth of available figures will allow you to create an individual space.

Wybierz dywan o oryginalnym kształcie

Choose a rug with an original shape

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Rugs as works of art

For centuries, carpets have been an important part of space design. They are one of the basic design tools and serve to create a focal point in interiors. In designed patterns, artists often convey their unique culture, telling local stories through handmade pieces. The care taken in their creation then makes the rug a true object of applied art. So if you can't or don't want to furnish your apartment with paintings or sculptures, go for an artistic rug.

Arystyczny dywan nada wnętrzu ciekawego wyrazu

An artistic carpet will add an interesting touch to the interior

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Bold patterns

If you opt for a rug in an interesting and rare pattern, you will be sure that your interior will stand out from the crowd. Rugs with oriental patterns, for example, will make the interior come alive and take on a holiday vibe. Small dots, stripes or abstract patterns, preferably in two or three different colors, will give the room an artistic flair. If you opt for geometric patterns, choose those in a modern edition. Patterns can intermingle beautifully, creating an original and unusual composition. A pattern full of details with an irregular composition and muted colors will be perfect for a modern interior. Calm colors combined with a dynamic pattern will create an interesting composition. However, it is important to balance the number of decorative elements, so as not to overwhelm the entire room. With a patterned carpet that focuses attention, the rest of the arrangement should be delicate and simple.

Odważny wzór stworzy całą aranżację

A bold pattern will make the whole arrangement

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