Autumn and winter trends in home decor

09 of December '21

When the period approaches when the sun no longer shines so often outside the window and the temperature settles around zero, we more often feel like spending more time at home. With a mug of warm cocoa, wrapped in a soft blanket, we like it when the surrounding interior envelops us with its warmth and pleasant atmosphere.

Where do we get inspiration from to arrange our autumn and winter secluded apartments and houses?

First of all, the landscape outside the window itself is extremely inspiring! Often we see only dry branches, but the colors of dry grasses and bare branches are simply phenomenal. Stylish moodboards on Pinterest or interior inspiration coming from all over the world on Instagram can also inspire us.

Freedom of the artistic bohemian - Boho

Boho styling, drawing inspiration from ethnic patterns, is still a strong interior trend. Beautifully woven soft cotton pillows, vibrant colors on stylized folk carpets, or delicate curtains will add a unique, energetic touch to the room. So let's mix, match and play with textures and colors!

Galeria Wnętrz DOMAR

DOMAR Interior Gallery

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Journey to the past - vintage

This particular style is characterized by the use of natural materials, such as wood (including that painted and aged) and natural fabrics, such as linen, wool and cotton. Old or aged furniture, usually made of wood and upholstery fabrics, give this style an old-fashioned and elegant look. Beautiful, flowing linesalong with a muted color palette define its softness and femininity. Everything retro adds an emotional warmth to the room, as if transferred from grandma's dresser. This gives the interiors a cozy and noble feel, timelessly proving itself even when combined with modern elements of our furnishings.

Flowers instead of leaves!

Let's refresh our arrangement by adding beautifully blooming ... flowers! Autumn in our interiors does not have to be strewn with leaves! Floral patterns in the current autumn interior designs are exceptionally expressive is not just a small pattern, but large floral compositions that reign especially on the walls. These spring breezes in XXL size will also work well as patterns on curtains and cushions, bringing into the interior the effect of a hothouse - a winter garden.

Wrocławska Galeria Wnętrz

Looking for inspiration, it is worth visiting the DOMAR Interior Gallery in Wroclaw. We can find a lot of inspiration there, good not only for the autumn malaise.


Saturated warm tones

Autumn interior metamorphoses, which are meant to warm up our homes and apartments during the cooler autumn-winter aura, also include betting on appropriate, pleasant colors. Dark, wine red, purple or rust tones - combined with fleshy fabrics. Juicy, autumnal, intense colors will bring a dose of nobility and warmth to our interiors. They will work perfectly on the walls, curtains, as well as pillows, enlivening the room and positively affecting our well-being

Warm interiors are those in which we feel good and to which we want to return. There are many factors that affect the atmosphere of an interior - the color scheme, the fabrics and materials used, and the lighting.

For more information, visit the company 'sGaleria Wnętrz DOMAR page on thePdD portal.

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