Bathroom divided by contrast

19 of January '24

The bathroom designed by Joanna Ochota is part of a terraced house located in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

Classic combination

The cooperation between the architect and the investor started with the upstairs bathroom. The owner had already chosen white and black tiles with marble motif. The designer's task was to incorporate them into the room in an interesting way and create a dynamic arrangement.

-I didn't want to simply arrange the tiles on the wall, but look for an unusual solution. That's how the idea of dividing the bathroom into a white and black part came about — the architect describes.

Łazienka znajduje się na piętrze domu szeregowego Jeszcze przed rozpoczęciem prac inwestorka wybrała białe i czarne płytki

Even before starting the work, the investor chose white and black tiles

Photo: Jaga Kraupe

Elegant black

The interior layout is very simple. The left side of the bathroom is black. Joanna Ochota used black tiles and dark ceramics there. Also the built-in over the toilet bowl and bidet is black. Architect decided to paint a section of the ceiling black as well. Everything is complemented by light fixtures in the same color. Thus, everything looks consistent and a large amount of black emphasizes the pattern on tiles. Moreover, the use of only one color focuses our attention on the forms and textures.

W ciemnej części łazienki czernią pokryto nawet sufit Czarne płytki posiadają efektowne białe użylenie

In the dark part of the bathroom, even the ceiling is covered with black

Photo: Jaga Kraupe

Fresh white

The right side of the room is white. A bright bathtub stands against a background of large-format white tiles. A uniform furniture cabinet in the same color hides the washing machine. The hygiene area, on the other hand, consists of a sink, a long white cabinet and a large round mirror. It is worth noting that the black part of the bathroom is reflected in the illuminated mirror.

W białej części łazienki znajduje się wanna

The white part of the bathroom includes a bathtub

Photo: Jaga Kraupe

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