Bathroom in shades of gray and wood

21 of April '23

Architect Weronika Kordyla of Sirocco Studio designed a bathroom for a family of five. The designer opted for a combination of subdued colors and wood.

Łazienka projektu Weroniki Kordyli

Bathroom designed by Weronika Kordyla

© Radaway

Bathroom on time

In bathroom designs, we can increasingly see the composition of several shades of gray, up to black, and breaking them with a wood motif. This aesthetic treatment is currently one of the biggest bathroom trends. The designer could apply it, in the presented room, because the bathroom is large enough and also has a window. Thanks to this, a large amount of dark colors does not overwhelm the space, and the bathroom maintains a fresh and spacious look.

Dzięki oknu duża ilość czerni nie przytłacza

Thanks to the window, a large amount of black does not overwhelm

© Radaway

Gray-black duo

The brightest element of this arrangement is the floor kept in a shade of warm gray. Black appears in the form of the cabinet under the sink and the wall panels. The tiles with a stone imitation pattern, located above the sink and in the shower area, are of a similar shade. Black also appears on part of the ceiling, as well as elements of the shower stall and the fixtures and hangers.

- My idea for the interior was to combine a modern and minimalist style, as well as to introduce wood, which thanks to its character fits perfectly with the arrangement and the sauna located in the room. The bathroom is located in a detached house and the residents of this house are a family of 2+3. The interior, despite its already large size, does not overwhelm with its size, mainly due to the cozy nature of the arrangement - comments architect Weronika Kordyla.

Strefa prysznicowa jest wyłożona czarnymi płytkami

The shower area is lined with black tiles

© Radaway

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