Bathroom in stone

28 of November '22

Stone has recently become one of the most popular bathroom finishing materials. Why is it so popular and how to use its potential in the design of the bath room?

Łazienka w ciemnym kamieniu

Bathroom in dark stone

© Tubądzin Ceramics

Back to the roots

Looking at contemporary bathroom arrangements, it's easy to see that we increasingly rely on references to nature. Striving for closeness to nature makes us reach for authentic, natural solutions and materials. One of them is stone, which fits perfectly into modern interior design trends focused on returning to the roots. Due to its unique physical properties, it is practical, durable, timeless, versatile and works well on many surfaces. With its elegant appearance, it adds a luxurious touch to any project. Importantly, the material is not homogeneous. The stone comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and use. This gives us the opportunity to create a virtually endless number of intriguing arrangements. This material finds its way into both classic, chic, elegant interiors and minimalist, modern bathrooms. The key to success, however, is knowledge and proper selection of species, as well as moderation.

Beżowy kamień

Beige stone


Natural and durable

Why does this material perform exceptionally well in bathrooms in particular? Stone is a beautiful, as well as very practical and durable raw material. It is said that the older it is, the better it looks, and the passage of time does not take away its aesthetic qualities. Properly protected, it is resistant to moisture and scratches. It is also a completely natural, hygienic and dust-free material, which makes it allergy-friendly. Thanks to its heat transmission, it can also be used in rooms with underfloor heating.

Łazienka w marmure

Bathroom in marble


Versatile material

Stone will work well both as a covering for walls and floors, and also as a material for bathroom ceramics. You can also bet on stone bathroom accessories. It is important to choose the right species and color scheme. A different effect will be achieved by using a stone with a rough texture, and quite differently if you bet on a smooth, richly textured type. Accessories are also important. Stone looks good in the company of wood, metal, glass and concrete. Its natural charm will also be emphasized by green plants.

Kamienne elementy

Stone elements


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