Bathroom with a hint of celadon

24 of November '23

Adam Jankowski and Kamil Paszek of AMJ Studio created a project for an art lover. The apartment in Poznań combines functionality with a subdued color palette.

Modern color scheme

The bathroom is dominated by a mix of light gray with soothing celadon. Such a color palette emphasizes the modern and minimalist character of the interior. The walls and floor were lined with large-format tiles in a graphite shade. This monolithic look was subtly disturbed by the inclusion of a green color, which adds freshness and an interesting contrast. Celadon has been introduced by means of capacious built-in units in a simple form. Everything is complemented by classic white bathroom equipment, which perfectly match the minimalist aesthetics of the room.

Seledynowa zabudowa jest barwnym elementem wnętrza

Celadon built-in is a colorful element of the interior

Photo: AMJ studio

Light and spacious

Large mirrors hanging over the sink and toilet beautifully reflect the light and optically enlarge the bathroom. This is a clever trick that makes the room seem more spacious and bright. This effect is accentuated by white, simple lamps on a long cable. They accurately illuminate the area with the sink. In addition, their reflection in the mirror adds depth and an unique visual effect.

Niewielka łazienka wydaje się być bardziej przestronna dzięki użyciu dużych luster

A small bathroom seems more spacious thanks to the use of large mirrors

Photo: AMJ studio

Ergonomic solutions

Despite the small area, it was possible to fit a simple bathtub here. This element was also covered with gray tiles, which beautifully match the silver faucet. On the wall behind the bathtub, the architects created an illuminated bookcase, which is not only a decorative element, but also a practical place to store necessary cosmetics and bathing gadgets.

Na ścianie za wanną znajduje się podświetlany regał Odbijające się w lustrze lampy tworzą ciekawy efekt wizualny

On the wall behind the bath there is an illuminated bookcase

Photo: AMJ studio

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