Bedroom with harlequin style decoration

22 of February '24
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  1. The bedroom is a part of a house from the late 1960s and early 1970s.
  2. For 20 years its metamorphosis has been carried out by Małgorzata and Andrzej Bacik, owners of MM Architekci studio.
  3. The main decoration of the bedroom is wallpaper inspired by a harlequin costume.
  4. Above the dressing table, there is a painting by Renata Stadler.
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The bedroom arrangement is one of many projects by MM Architekci studio that have changed the house near Tarnów over the years.

Dom pochodzi z przełomu lat 60. i 70.

The house dates back to the late 1960s and early 1970s

Photo and styling: Anna Bacik © Dekorian Home

Long-term cooperation

The metamorphosis of Ewa and Marek's home began more than twenty years ago with the renovation of the kitchen. Over time, other rooms gained a new look. Each time, the investors invited Małgorzata and Andrzej Bacik, owners of MM Architekci studio, to cooperate. The house from the late 1960s and early 1970s belonged to the investor's family from the beginning.

Nad toaletką możemy podziwiać obraz tarnowskiej artystki Renaty Stadler

Above the dressing table we can admire a painting by Renata Stadler

Photo and styling: Anna Bacik © Dekorian Home

Focal point

The bedroom was decorated about 10 years ago. A characteristic element of this interior is the wall behind the bed, which was decorated with wallpaper inspired by a harlequin costume. The wall covering in rhombuses has relatively subdued colors, however, it still determines the decor of this room. The rest of the walls are therefore neutral. Also, the colors of the bed headboard and decorative fabrics were taken from the same palette. Thanks to that, architects didn't have to introduce more new shades into the arrangement. The Louis Philippe-style gondola stool fits perfectly into this color scheme. The only elements that break from this aesthetic are dark blue velour pillows and a colorful painting by Renata Stadler.

W sypialni znajduje się siedzisko w stylu Ludwika Filipa

The bedroom features a Louis Philippe-style seat

Photo and styling: Anna Bacik © Dekorian Home

Intriguing details

The architect used tables with a glass top to echo the rhombus motif from the wallpaper. Their chrome frames add a touch of glamour and modern character to the arrangement. The furniture were placed on both sides of the bed and act as bedside tables. It is worth noting the beautiful custom-made walnut dressing table. The front of its drawer also features a mirror motif. This hint of glamour harmonizes with the subtle sheen of one of the wallpaper colors. The impression of luxury yet coziness is also emphasized by the fabrics. The architect and the investor usually buy them from a friendly studio in Tarnów. This place specializes in beautiful textiles and haberdashery. In this room, for example, we can admire embroidered silk pillows. Everything is complemented by a subdued, plain carpet.

Lustrzany front szuflady koresponduje ze szklanymi blatami stolików

Mirrored drawer fronts correspond with glass table tops

Photo and styling: Anna Bacik © Dekorian Home

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