Black accessories in the bathroom

15 of December '21

Imagine for a moment that we removed all the black accessories from this room in the photo below. Already? - Yes, it would still look great, but not even half as impressive if not for the black fixtures. By adding black accents, we can completely change the look of our bathroom!

Czarne dodatki urozmaicają

Black accessories add variety to the interior

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Timeless color

When choosing fixtures or accessories for the bathroom, we do not have to limit ourselves to stainless steel and chrome. Leading manufacturers today offer original color solutions, and the real hit of recent seasons is undoubtedly black. Simple elements will give your bathroom a sophisticated character. From black shower doors or shower trays with black trim to black faucets and smaller accessories such as black towel rings.

Wykonane ze stali nierdzewnej
przyciski oferowane są w oryginalnym odcieniu matowej czerni lub nawet czarnego szkła.

Made of stainless steel, the buttons are offered in the original shade of matte black or even black glass

© Viega

Black is not the same as black

This contrasting color will certainly break up arrangements, corresponding with other fixtures. However, it should be remembered that black has many shades and variants at the same time. It can be a glossy, brushed or matte version. Thus, everyone can choose the design that best suits individual tastes.

Minimalistyczny odpływ
harmonijnie wtapia się w posadzkę

The minimalist drain blends harmoniously into the floor

© Viega

Elegance in the shower

More and more often in modern bathrooms, the traditional shower tray is replaced by a linear drain. In the case of such a solution, it is necessary to use a grate built into the floor. Here it is worth considering the choice of a product in black, which can be a subtle decoration of the shower area.

Czarne produkty są obecnie jednym
z najpopularniejszych trendów łazienkowych

Black products are currently one of the most popular bathroom trends

© Viega

Add-ons, add-ons!

If we don't want to spend hundreds on a new bathroom, we can always add black details. We can buy smaller black bathroom accessories, such as soap dispensers, black towel holders or a black laundry basket.

When we want to cut costs even further, we can also be tempted to make our own alterations to the furniture, for example, by painting an old under-basin cabinet with black paint. Take into account, however, that the bathroom is a room with extreme conditions such as humidity. So let's remember to choose the right paint.

Dominika Tyrlik

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