Black and white in glamour edition

15 of September '22

Black and white is a combination that never gets boring. It perfectly suits small spaces, such as a thirty-square-meter apartment decorated in a restored brewery in Wroclaw. The creators of the project are interior architects from KODO.

The interior aesthetic is a combination of delicate glamour based on strong whites. An additional color accent here is also gold, combining with white and black in an interesting way. The architects also added a wall module that did not exist in the original layout, separating the corridor from the living area. It created space for a dressing room area.

Dining room


The heart of the house

In this case, it is not the living room that forms the heart of the house, but the clear, extremely bright kitchen. On the floor, a classic gently whitewashed parquet floor was chosen. The kitchen was separated by a kitchen island composed of tiles evoking white marble with gray veining. The island was additionally illuminated by three hanging lamps.

The kitchen cabinetry was defined entirely by white. Except for the fixtures and the characteristic black hood, everything is kept in a uniform tone. On the walls we can see posters with the motif of the plan of Wroclaw, spread over several frames.



Living room in turquoise

From the kitchen and a small dining room we immediately pass the living room. On the floor we find the same parquet as in the earlier part. However, the furniture here is more varied in color. The two tables are mainly deep black and gold. The sofa along with the pouffe is a strong turquoise, giving character to this space. The spider-like lamp - composed of six black lampshades on stiff wires - also catches the eye.


Living room


Black and white that is the bathroom

The bathroom, on the other hand, is marked by a contrast of colors. Most of it is done in white, close to the solutions known from the kitchen and the kitchen island. The other part is black, primarily visible in the fronts of the cabinets and household appliances. Fixtures and accessories are also black in color.



developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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