Rugs for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces - vinyl in a modern way

20 of July '22

When we think about what material to use for the floors in our homes, we very often cannot predict the end result. It happens that the decisions we made at the design stage, turn out to be not very accurate. Then, vinyl carpets can help us temporarily, but in a non-invasive way rearrange the interior. They will also work well in areas constantly exposed to dirt, dust and moisture. They will also be an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers fighting dust and dust mites.

Tradycyjny dywan w kuchni

Traditional carpet in the kitchen is subject to permanent staining

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History of the invention of vinyl

Vinyl is a 19th century invention by a French doctor. During World War II, raw materials were hard to come by, so the material was used in industrial experiments and research projects as an alternative to rubber. At that time, its elasticity and strength were learned, and it was even possible to use it structurally.

After the war, it was recognized as a potential flooring material. As the first, vinyl flooring was introduced in 1947 by the Swedish company "Tarkett". On a wider scale, production began by companies in America and Europe in the 1950s and 1960s.

In 1957, it was recognized that vinyl could be recycled. So, instead of disposing of it in landfills, it was reused for industrial and household items.

In the 1970s it began to be used on a mass scale. Floors, cars, packaging and even clothing were created using it.

Dywan winylowy

Vinyl carpet

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Vinyl carpets

Vinyl car pets are an option that has appeared on the market relatively recently. Although on the surface they may evoke associations with traditional carpets, they have little in common with them. Even less with linoleum, which we associate with the old days.

Thebeautiful patterns, intense colors, and apparent texture are deceptively reminiscent of a classic carpet. Up close, however, it turns out that we are dealing with a completely washable surface.

Plastic planes will certainly not feel as nice and fluffy to the touch as soft pile carpets. This is a completely different kind of interior decoration. It should also be remembered that heavy furniture can leave permanent indentations in them.

On the other hand, it is an anti-allergenic material, which will be an advantage for many of us. Also appreciated is its high resistance to dirt and easy washability. This makes it ideal as a walkway in the kitchen, bathroom, terrace, as well as in the children's room.

The right thickness, weight and appropriate PES mesh make the carpet perfectly adhere to the ground. In outdoor conditions, we do not have to worry about its fading.

The wide possibilities of printing on vinyl make it a suitable accessory for spaces of very different styles. It can become a decoration of both classic interiors and more modern ones, where it will become a fancy accent.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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