Timeless black in the interior

21 of December '21

We suggest how to choose dark accents

In the past evoking negative connotations, black has now become an exclusive accessory. It enhances the surrounding colors and emphasizes the negative space, which in turn makes the room feel bigger and brighter. Adding black accents will ensure that the arrangement is not overwhelming, as the color both contrasts and complements most other tones. It doesn't take much to create a spectacular effect.

Czerń zdynamizuje jasne,
pastelowe wnętrze, uspokoi mocne kolory, a modnym szarościom doda elegancji i finezji

Black will dynamize a bright, pastel interior, calm strong colors, and add elegance and finesse to trendy grays

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Black industrial

Black accessories in the interior began their career with the advent of the crazy fashion for loft-style interiors. Black ceased to be the domain of only elegant glamour, and became a color associated with art, freedom, spontaneity. In lofts, black is inscribed in the interior. Black are the muntins in the windows, structural elements, electrical wiring run on top of a brick or concrete wall. Loft furnishings are usually furniture made of natural wood and powder-coated metal. Thus, black accessories in the loft appeared naturally - they had a raw character that did not demolish the post-industrial concept of the interior.

Spójne czarne dodatki stosowane z umiarem nadadzą wnętrzu finezji Spójne czarne
dodatki stosowane z umiarem nadadzą wnętrzu finezji

Cohesive black accessories used in moderation will give the interior finesse

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What's too much is not healthy

Choosing decorations and accessories for an interior can be troublesome, especially when we like too many accessories very much. So it's worth knowing moderation so that our interiors don't resemble an interior design showroom. Let's choose accessories according to some key - style, material used or color. Using such a strong color, the rule of 60, 30, 10 will be useful . It will also be safe to use black accessories on a monochromatic background, so we will enliven the composition. However, this is not an unbreakable rule, with the right choice of colors we can get a very original arrangement.

Industrial wall

This decorative barrier is also associated with loft arrangements. Doors with steel frames crittal wall, which will make the rooms larger and more open is an extremely interesting solution. Thin dark window bars can be a stylish addition to any room. They can be used in a hallway, bathroom or kitchen as a door, or an elegant partition wall.

Akcentująca czarna ściana to
idealny sposób, aby zanurzyć się w odważnym kolorze czerni

An accent black wall is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the bold color of black

© BM Housing

For the bold

An accent wall is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the bold color black without letting it overwhelm the entire room. Location is the key to success here. The first important step in choosing the right setting for a strong accent wall is to choose a spot in the house with the greatest availability of light. The best option would be to choose a wall in an open space with natural light to keep everything airy. A great choice is a wall facing a window or adjacent to a window that lets in lots of sunlight. If you choose another part of the room, make sure to use a strong lighting element to balance light and dark tones. Track lighting and large chandeliersare good options.

Dark alternatives

If black is too bold a move for us, or if we simply don't like this strong color, we can instead use another dark shade that, with subdued decor, will serve the same function. This could be a smoky blue color or a dark gray. These colors also look great as a color accent in a room. Furnishings or a distinct color on the walls and woodwork, will create a moody and sophisticated look.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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