Guest bathroom with a unique mirror

08 of December '23

The inspiration for this arrangement came from the modern classic style. The interior was intended to combine the functionality of an apartment designed for a holiday stay with a touch of luxury.

Space for experimentation

There are two bathrooms in the apartment. One of them is adjacent to the bedroom, creating a private zone. The other, accessible from the hallway, is for guests. The first version of the project was simple and monochromatic. This didn't quite appeal to the investors.

- The clients wanted a wow effect - recalls the architect.

Eventually Anna Maria Sokołowska added some golden elements and warmer colors to the arrangement. In this way, the designer cleverly combined all the desired elements, creating a cohesive and elegant apartment. However, she managed to avoid unnecessary splendor and details.

Inwestorom zależało na efektownej aranżacji

The investors wanted an impressive arrangement

Photo: Fotomohito

Classics with a twist

Already at first glance, the classic combination of colors catches the eye. White, black and gray have been supplemented with gold accents. This is a timeless color base that gives the space elegance. The colors also delineate the individual zones in the bathroom. The black marble pattern used on both sides of the sink "encloses" the hygienic area and provides a sophisticated contrast. Meanwhile, a white fluted wall outlines the toilet area. It also hides a built-in cabinet where you can store cleaning products. The white radiator and flush button blend harmoniously into the wall, without spoiling the sophisticated character of the room. Meanwhile, the gray floor creates a solid background for the rest of the arrangement.

Nad toaletą znajduje się biała ryflowana ściana z zabudową

Above the toilet, there is a white fluted wall with a built-in

Photo: Fotomohito

Decorative panel

It is impossible not to pay attention to the impressive mirror decorated with a fir pattern grinding. This element creates an ornate background for a simple cabinet with a white marble pattern. The furniture has two capacious drawers, ideal for storing cosmetics. On the countertop stands a washbasin, with an interesting, slightly square form. Everything is complemented by a gold faucet and lamps with shades resembling flowers. Placing a contrasting black shelf in the middle of the mirror panel creates an interesting visual effect and another place for storage.

Lustro ze szlifowaniem na wzór jodły to główny element dekoracyjny aranżacji

The mirror with a grinding fir pattern is the main decorative element of the arrangement

Photo: Fotomohito

Marble and gold

A shower can also be found here. It is separated from the rest of the room by a fluted glass door in a simple black frame. The center has been lined with large-format tiles with a light marble pattern, which has appeared before. A gold shower faucet completes the look, continuing the theme of elegance. There's also a shelf for toiletries on the wall, making sure the products you need are always within reach.

Prysznic skrywa się za drzwiami z ryflowanego szkła

The shower hides behind a fluted glass door

Photo: Fotomohito

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