Operation of color in small interiors

19 of July '22

We will refresh the color in a small room relatively quickly and cheaply. So we can afford different combinations, or play with textures. It is worth remembering that the leading color in a small space will always seem more intense.

Faktura na ścianie Faktura na ścianie

Textures on the walls

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To make it spacious

Very bright colors make spaces optically larger. The easiest way to do this would be to use white. It is a timeless classic. However, in combination with some arrangements, used in its pure form, it can turn out to be a bit too harsh and monotonous. Mixing it with another color and creating a pastel shade will make the wall more expressive. We can paint the planes in warm shades, or we can paint them in cool shades, from soft cream to cool blue.

Optically warming textures

The introduction of textures, on the other hand, will add an interesting character and warmth to the interior. We can use them on the walls, as three-dimensional wallpaper, or spatial plaster, or in the form of accessories - curtains, rugs, interesting cabinet fronts and cabinets. If there are a lot of such elements in the room, it is a good idea to choose smooth fabrics and muted shades, so that the impression of coziness does not turn into a cluttered space.

Zestawienie jasnej i ciemnej zieleni na prostopadłych ścianachCiemny kolor w przytulnym wnętrzu

The juxtaposition of light and dark green on perpendicular walls and dark color to create a cozy interior

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Bold juxtapositions and dark colors

Contrary to what we often hear, in small spaces it is not worth limiting ourselves to light colors only. We can also dare and use bright colors, although then we should remember that after drying the paint will take on a slightly darker color than on the sample. It all depends on our sense of aesthetics and needs. A fairly safe solution here is to limit the color scheme to different shades of the same hue. Too much contrast can indeed end up in optical chaos.

Recesses in the room

Many rooms have deep niches, which are sometimes worth isolating with color. We can arrange a closet in it, or, with a large alcove, a bathing area. Access to daylight here is likely to be limited, so here the colors we choose must be thought through in the context of the lighting that exists there.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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