"The love of good design is in my genes." Marta Krukowska in the series "10 questions to an interior designer".

04 of January '23

"10 Questions to an Interior Designer" is a series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to interior architects. In today's episode, Marta Krukowska talks about her approach to design.

Marta Krukowska - a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań at the Faculty of Interior Design and Industrial Design and Art Education at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. After graduation, she founded her studio under the name mano. For 15 years she has been creating residential interiors for private investors and dressing interiors with fabrics, creating complex window decoration solutions as a second line of business. She always adjusts the fabrics so that they form the background of the realization, rather than being the dominant part of it, for which she is appreciated by her fellow designers. She most enjoys designing small residential units, which provide an opportunity to answer many of the nagging questions that need to be included in a small design space, deriving much satisfaction from them.

1 For me, home is.

A place where I am here and now. Where I have my space to spend time in different dimensions. A place where my immediate family is, but also a space open to people, where a lot of things happen.

2 The key to successful interior design is....

First of all, the ability to listen and talk to the investor. At every stage of the project. Without mutual trust, sometimes boundless trust of the architect, it is difficult to make a good project. What is it? It is an arrangement that responds to the needs of the investor in adaptation to the existing reality, because some things we can not jump over, for example, if we have limitations due to lack of space.

3 I'm looking for inspiration....

I don't exactly look for them. Wherever I am, I look and record images, people, events.

4. In cooperation with a developer the most important thing is....

Everything that is key to creating a good project, that is, conversation, trust, listening. Without mutual understanding, there is no success with the project.

5. my favorite design style is...

Total minimalism. I believe in the principle of the less,the better, and so I try to design interiors.

6.The most valuable item in my home is....

Furniture that was created in collaboration with my dad, that is, a table of my design and furniture in the children's rooms made by their grandfather. I come from a family that has shown a love for wood for generations. Since childhood, I have communed among objects made of wood. In college, I demonstrated considerable knowledge of the subject. I visited trade fairs and the factory that my dad ran. My dad and uncle were wood technologists, and their father also dabbled in wood. My cousin founded a chain of showrooms promoting Polish design, so my love of good design is in my genes.

7 The most common mistake when doing interior design yourself is.

Combining all styles in one area and treating each room as a separate design space.

8. my favorite material is....

One that ages with dignity, namely wood. It is a demanding material, but having the kind of history I have, it would be hard not to love wood. Besides, all materials of natural origin or perfectly imitating them, namely stones. Good, simple design will defend itself in a good material. This is my opinion.

9. trend that I would like to see pass already is.

Everything has its time. I rather not follow trends. I adhere to the principle that you need to feel good in your apartment and create it in such a way that, regardless of the prevailing trends, it will be up to date all the time. Hence in me a love of minimalism.

10 - I would like to live in ... someday.

Italy. I love traveling to Italy and everything related to the country. The name of the studio mano is Italian for hand. I have an overriding appreciation for Italian design, which I like to incorporate into projects, so Italy would be such a complement.

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