Decorate your Christmas tree in 7 easy steps

20 of December '21

Are you delighted by the professionally decorated Christmas trees you know from store windows? The secret to decorating a Christmas tree is simple - layers! We advise how to decorate a Christmas tree to make it a unique element in our interior design.

1 - Lay out the tree

Whether we have an artificial or live Christmas tree we need it to take the most natural shape possible. Therefore, in the case of an artificial Christmas tree, let's assemble its elements and unfold the branches. For perfectionists, this is the step that can take the most time, and for good reason. The branches form the base for the Christmas tree ornaments, so they must be perfectly arranged.

If a live Christmas tree is going to stand in our house, make sure the whole tree has the right proportions to get a full look, right up to the top when decorated. Let's also prepare a sturdy stand for the tree - a good one will last for decades and hold the trunk perfectly upright.

Światełka choinkowe są
podstawą w dekoracji

Christmas tree lights are the base in the decoration

© Kevin Fitzgerald

2. lights are the basis

If you are wondering how to decorate your Christmas tree to make it look full, Christmas tree lights are very important. The spaces in the lights stand out much more than the gaps between decorations. Make sure you have enough lights to wrap around each layer of branches. Start at the bottom and go up. The lights should be closer to the trunk than the decorations to create a warming glow that emerges from behind the decorations, gently illuminating them

3. baubles being the base

Choose ornaments that will be the base for the rest of the decorations, those in the basic color of which there is the most. These are often ordinary baubles in a mirror, matte or even glitter finish. Let's start decorating quite monochromatically, so that bolder decorations will appear later.

4 Layer stronger colors

Now it's time to apply other festive colors to the entire tree. Let's make sure we apply these colors evenly to the branches so that we don't have an overabundance of the same shade in one area.

5. special decorations

Here we can decorate the Christmas tree with pearls in our collection. These can be more extravagant decorations that you only have a few of, one-of-a-kind designs that we collected during our travels, or particularly large pieces. Let's spread them out between the branches so they don't lie too close together. This is how you will get the best effect. Hand-painted colorful baubles at a solid toned base will stand out even more.

Na szczycie możemy umieścić
dekoracyjną gwiazdę

We can place a decorative star at the top

© Jonathan Borba

6. final touches

At this stage, we add decorations that will make the tree stand out from the rest. For the top, you can choose a classic star or spike for your Christmas tree. If you want to give the tree a contemporary touch, you can use a large, distinctive decoration instead.

Pomysłowe opakowania
prezentowe możemy z łatwością wykonać samodzielnie

We can easily make ingenious gift wrappers ourselves

© Cassidy Dickens

7 Surprises for the full effect

The final finishing touch to any tree is, of course, the gifts. So finish off your perfectly styled Christmas tree with a small stack of impeccably wrapped gifts. Let's wrap our gifts in boxes and make sure the gift paper is neatly applied. We can also add ribbons and different types of finishing touches depending on the style in which our Christmas tree and the whole interior is decorated. Not only will such gifts look great under the tree, they are sure to bring great joy to the recipient!

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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