5 ways to organize your interior in Dopamine Design style

16 of June '23

How to arrange an interior in Dopamine Design style? What exactly is this style? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating such an interior.

Dopamine design - took its name from dopamine, a chemical substance that has an important function in the transmission of signals between nerve cells in the brain. Among other things, it is involved in the feeling of reward, motivation and satisfaction. The trend is therefore based on creating interiors that will give us a "boost" of dopamine and make us feel better. It became popular during the pandemic, when, after staying indoors for a long time, many people felt the need to change and introduce more color into their interiors. In addition, it is also consistent with the trend of turning away from minimalist and subdued interiors, in favor of bolder arrangements.

Dopamine design to sposób projektowania wnętrza, które będzie poprawiać nam humor

Dopamine design is a way of designing an interior that will make us feel better

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Choose a dominant color

Decide what color you want to make dominant in the room. It can be an intense shade of red, yellow, blue or any other color that you find appealing. This color will play a major role in the arrangement and will make the whole look cohesive.

Postaw na jeden kolor przewodni

Opt for one leading color

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Colors that put you in a good mood

You can use virtually any colors here. It is important that their shades are intense. Red, which is associated with energy, passion and intensity, will work especially well. Interiors in intense shades of red can stimulate and increase our activity. Orange is also a stimulating and energizing color. Arrangements with the addition of orange increase feelings of enthusiasm and joy. Yellow, on the other hand, is a color associated with joy, optimism and creativity. It is ideal for a children's room.

Zastosuj intensywne barwy

Use intense colors

Create a colorful contrast

Choose colors that provide a contrast to the dominant color to make the interior dynamic. For example, if you chose intense red as the main color, you can add accents in blue or yellow.

Zestaw niebieski z żółtym, aby uzyskać kontrast

Pair blue with yellow for contrast

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Don't forget about proportions

Remember that too many intense colors can overwhelm a room. Try to exercise moderation and use intense colors strategically to achieve the desired effect. It is also important to maintain a balance between intense colors and more subdued shades. Also introduce white, gray or neutral elements to soften the intensity of the colors and provide a harmonious effect.

Połącz intensywne barwy z tymi bardziej stonowanymi

Combine intense colors with those that are more subdued

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Bold furniture and accessories

There is no room for boredom in a dopamine design style interior. In such a colorful space, it is worth betting on furniture with an interesting form and unique accessories.

Całość dopełnij odważnymi dodatkami

Complete the whole with bold accessories

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